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How to Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook format?

02.08.22, 13:58
To convert Lotus Notes to Outlook is a highly technical task. This conversion also has a manual method to proceed with but isn’t recommended regarding the uncertainties it comes with. There is a high possibility of data alteration, loss, and incomplete conversion along with PST corruption. Furthermore, we all know data is the lifeline of the company, and therefore one must not take chance in this scenario.

Users may get puzzled. if a manual method is somewhere not a good approach to perform this task, then how would it happen. The answer is by using the third-party Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter tools. Yes, these tools are specifically designed for this task and come with all the necessary features. But before proceeding with any of the automated tools, users must look into their security aspects.

Naming one certified and secure tool is Shoviv Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter tool that comes with a convenient GUI. This tool is very efficient and works with the same efficiency, no matter whether the data is vast or files are innumerable.

Advantages of Using Shoviv Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter:

• Online, Offline Data: Users are free to add NSFs from the Local directory and Domino Server or SmartCloud Notes/Verse.

• No Restrictions on Size and Numbers: This tool raises no issue on large file sizes and in being numerably countless. It performs the task with the same efficiency as it shows for small or single data files.

• Preview: As soon as users add the NSFs this tool scans them efficiently and prepares their preview. Users can approach the preview from the left pane of the wizard.

• Default Incremental Export Feature: The Incremental export feature comes in this tool with a checked checkbox. However, if users like to disable this feature, they can uncheck the previous one. This feature of the tool prevents duplicity and resumes the process in case of interruptions.

• Filters: Filters of the Shoviv Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter are categorized based on item type and message date. Using these criteria, users can leave or add any items accordingly to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook with selective ones.

• Advance Features: It comes with folder mapping and email translation features to let users achieve the desired accuracy and replace canonical email addresses.

The FREE demo version of this tool is also available for users through which they can convert the first 50 data items from Lotus Notes to Outlook effortlessly without spending a single penny.

For more details, visit: Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook
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