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Ilhanie, może Cię to zainteresuje :-)))

25.10.03, 13:08
In our first extract from the newly published ‘U2, The Best of Propaganda’,
Neil McCormick trails U2 and Oasis in San Francisco.

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    • ihopeyouwilllikeme Re: Ilhanie, może Cię to zainteresuje :-))) 25.10.03, 13:10
      Liam and Noel stood at the mixing desk, watching the show wide eyed. Never
      regarded as the most articulate of people, Liam nonetheless has a distinctive
      way of expressing himself. "this is the first time I've seen U2," he
      declares. "Now I understand! It's phwoarghghghgh!" He shakes his head in
      disbelief, and makes a second attempt at verbalizing his enthusiasm. "Fuckin'
      mad, man. Mad!"

      U2 and Oasis have formed something of a mutual admiration society. Backstage
      after the show, Adam Clayton emerges from a refreshing shower decked out in
      Manchester City blues. "It's very humble of them and very humbling for us to
      have them play with us," admits Bono. "They're a great group and it's a great
      moment. And they've been so supportive of us. You get the feeling the
      Gallaghers could call round into a few houses and sort them out on this U2 soap
      opera that's going on!" Liam Gallagher, who appears to have made an early
      assault on the backstage supplies of alcohol, hijacks the sound system. "You
      gotta listen to this," he insists. "This is fuckin' great!" It is the new Oasis
      album, fresh from the studio. The music booms from the speakers, at once
      recognizable, yet, if anything, fuller, fatter, even more impressive than
      before. Liam clutches Bono by the shoulders, singing the lyrics of every song
      directly into his face. Bono
      • ihopeyouwilllikeme Re: Ilhanie, może Cię to zainteresuje :-))) 25.10.03, 13:11
        And he and Liam begin to sing it at the top of their voices. Bono, swept away
        by their exuberance, joins in. And as we roll down a San Francisco highway,
        long after midnight, three of the world's greatest rock stars treat us to an
        impassioned, impromptu rendition of a song of unity and brotherly love. "We are
        one," they sing, "but we're not the same, we've got to carry each other, carry
        each other..."

        As the track comes to an end, Bono laughs and hugs Noel's shoulders. "Bands
        won't admit they like you, right, and you're the greatest band in the world,"
        declares Noel. "And the only band that will actually come out and admit that is
        the next greatest band in the world!"

        He, he smile))) Podoba mi się zwłaszcza wypowiedź Noela o " One " smile)
      • ilhan Re: Ilhanie, może Cię to zainteresuje :-))) 25.10.03, 13:19
        ihopeyouwilllikeme napisał:

        > "This is the greatest song ever written!" yells Noel. And he and Liam begin
        > to sing it

        Ech, ależ oni wtedy dużo brali, naprawdę... wink
        Noel mówił tak już o 184 piosenkach, w tym połowie swoich własnych, więc bym
        się nie przejmował.
        Ale dzięki za tekst, ciekawy całkiem. Widzisz, Oasis nie są wcale tacy źli jak
        Ci się wydawało smile

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