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Is your identity document lost or stolen? Block it

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More security for your identity documents.
Is your identity document lost or stolen? Block it by calling DOC STOP at 00800 2123 2123!

Is your Belgian identity card, passport or on-chip residence permit lost or stolen? Block it immediately by calling the toll-free DOC STOP telephone number. You will hence avoid the risk of fraudulent use of your identity document, as well as the financial consequences from any such use.

DOC STOP is a free service, round the clock accessible 24h/24 and 7d/7.

00800 2123 2123 (International Codes)

Should it not be possible to get in touch with 00800 2123 2123, dial +32 2 518 2123.

Please note: DOC STOP can only be used to block Belgian identity documents.
What you should do if your identity document is lost or stolen.

If it is stolen. Call DOC STOP immediately. Report the theft to the nearest police post from where it was stolen or report it to your local police.
If it is lost. Call DOC STOP immediately. Next, contact your municipal administration. If you need a provisional certificate outside of office hours, please contact the police.

Please note: if the lost document is a residence permit, you always have to report the loss to the police BEFORE you visit the municipal administration.
This system protects against identity fraud.

After your identity has been established, your identity document is blocked in only a few minutes. The irregularity is entered in the database. Banks and other organizations and administrations use this website to verify whether an identity document is registered as stolen, lost, expired or invalid. Thanks to the DOC STOP and Checkdoc services, you are hence protected against fraudulent use of your lost or stolen identity documents!
What happens after your call?

Identity cards and residence permits. You will receive a message confirming the registration of your loss or theft. If you find your document again, you have 7 days after your call to unblock the document. If not, the identity document is cancelled and you will have to apply for a new one at your municipal administration.

Passports. As soon as you call DOC STOP, your passport is cancelled. If you need one for travelling, you can apply for a new one at your municipal administration.


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