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24-hour strike at Belgian Rail as of Tuesday eveni

IP: * 01.10.12, 20:34
24-hour strike at Belgian Rail as of Tuesday evening 10 pm

The Belgian railway unions have announced a general 24-hour strike starting Tuesday 2 October 10 pm which will paralyse all train traffic in Belgium until Wednesday 3 October 10 pm.

Moreover, there will be no Thalys high-speed trains running through Belgium and Eurostar services between London and Brussels will very likely be disrupted.

Come to the airport by car or taxi, or consider taking the bus. As the roads are expected to be very busy, we advise you to leave for the airport well ahead of your departure time.

An alternative may be to carpool. If you are looking for a ride or are willing to take stranded passengers back with you, look for #notrainBRU on Twitter or go to the official Brussels Airport Facebook page and post a comment on our Carpooling post.
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