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EP recruitment of Romanian and Bulgarian staff

IP: 5.6.1D* / * 22.02.05, 17:19
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      Edition 50: February 22, 2005
      EP recruitment of Romanian and Bulgarian staff
      EPSO opens on-line procedure from Thursday 24 February

      The next enlargement is happening! On Thursday 24 February, the EU recruitment
      office (EPSO) is opening its on-line procedure to recruit Romanian and
      Bulgarian contractual staff (ADs & ASTs) for the EU institutions.

      The EP, unlike the other institutions, will be taking on Romanian and Bulgarian
      colleagues at the earliest possible opportunity: our institution wants to
      recruit 226 colleagues (of which 64 this year) to assist the 53 observers (35
      Romanians & 18 Bulgarians) who will arrive in some time after the treaties are
      signed in April. As with the last round of pre-enlargement recruitment, DG
      Personnel is running the selection procedure.

      The EP plans to finalise the selection procedure before the summer and to
      recruit from September 2005.

      The on-line call for expression of interest is open to Bulgarian and Romanian
      nationals and all EU citizens. As well as having the required level of
      education, candidates must speak Romanian or Bulgarian and English, French or

      Interested? CLICK HERE (from Thursday). Closing date: 24 March.

          • Gość: Zdolna Re: EP recruitment of Romanian and Bulgarian staf IP: 5.6.1D* / * 23.02.05, 12:58
            European Personnel Selection Office


            Brussels, February 00 2005

            EU Institutions offer opportunities for work on pre-enlargement tasks

            In view of the forthcoming accession of Bulgaria and Romania the European
            Personnel Selection Office will launch, on behalf of the Institutions and in
            particular the European Parliament, a call for expressions of interest in order
            to identify potential fixed term contract agents. The office aims to establish
            a database of individuals with a perfect command of Bulgarian or Romanian, from
            which the Institutions may select non-permanent staff for work on pre-
            enlargement tasks.

            This call for expressions of interest will be published on the EPSO website
            ( ) on 24 February 2005.

            Any citizen of Bulgaria or Romania, or of a current EU Member State, may apply
            provided that they have the requisite linguistic competence, educational
            qualifications and professional experience.

            Contract agents comprise a new category of non-permanent staff which was
            introduced as part of the recent reform of the Staff Regulations.

            Applications will be invited for the Administrators’ and Assistants’ levels of
            a) Administrator level appointments require a level of education which
            corresponds to completed university studies. The fields concerned are
            communications/public relations, parliamentary services and legal/language
            services. All candidates will need to have at least two years’ relevant full-
            time professional experience.
            b) Assistant/Secretary level. For these appointments a post-secondary
            education diploma will be required, together with at least three years’
            relevant professional experience. The positions cover personnel
            administration, general administration, parliamentary services and language
            Details of specific posts are set out in the call for expressions of interest.
            The assistance of the national press of Bulgaria and Romania would be much
            appreciated in bringing this opportunity to the attention of potential
            applicants. Candidates may apply for only one position and should apply on-
            line via the EPSO website. The closing date for applications is 24 March 2005
            at 12.00 Brussels time. Early application is recommended to avoid any problems
            arising out of heavy internet traffic.
            Contact persons in EPSO:
            Mr Guy Van Biesen, tel.: +32 (0) 2 29 50822
            Mr Alan Piotrowski, tel.: +32 (0) 2 29 88467
            Mr Vladimir Grieger, tel.: +32 (0) 2 29 99611
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