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IP: * 30.03.05, 14:01

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
You are disturbed by international personnel agency " TEREN ".
We want to offer you cooperation in sphere of employment.
We work with partners from the USA, the Great Britain, Ireland,
Germany, Czechia, Israel, UAE, Saudi Arabia,
Hungary, Slovenia, Greece, Russia, Moldova,
Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Romania.
In our database there are workers from all world.

If you were interested with our offer, we are ready to discuss with you
Details of our cooperation.

For the additional information address on the Internet to the address:

Yours faithfully,

Director of Personnel Agency "TEREN"

Serg Dzhura

18000 30Yeas of Victory St. Fl.19
Fax 3 8 0472 633413
Tel. 3 8 0472 659222
ISQ 201-550-100
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