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How to Merge PST files

31.05.23, 13:28
Outlook email client stores its data in the PST file type, such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. In small and large organizations, there are various users of Outlook email clients, and it stores all the important data of those users in a separate PST file for each user. Sometimes, organizations want to merge all the PST files to ease the PST file managing task. Users search for the best PST Merge Tool to perform this task in a quick manner. This task also can perform with the help of the manual method.
However, the manual method has so many difficulties that we will share in this content. Most users go with professional software to complete this task. Read this content until the end and get all the details on how to perform this PST files merging task.

Why should users avoid the manual method?
The manual method has various drawbacks that motivate users to choose the PST Merge Software to make this task. Check out the below listing limitations of the manual method to merge Outlook PST files.
• Users can only merge two PST files at a time, so one who has several PST files to merge needs to perform this task multiple times.
• Technical expertise is very important if you want to handle the manual method to complete this process.
• It has a high chance that the manual method may affect the folder hierarchy and metaproperties of the data.
• A single misstep can ruin the whole process, and users again start the process from scratch.

These are the limitations of the manual method and things that motivate users to go with a professional PST Merge Tool. Most users face difficulty in performing this task with the manual method as it has so many limitations. Also, it is challenging for users to follow each step in an effortless manner. So, initiating this process with the Shoviv professional tool would be better for users.

Professional tool to merge Outlook data file
No one wants to go with the manual method to merge PST files. So, trying the Shoviv PST Merge Tool is the best way to make this task. This software doesn’t set any kind of limitations on adding large and several PST files at a time. It will not affect the folder structure and integrity of emails while merging them into a single one. Users can perform this task without any difficulty using this software.
This PST Merge Software provides three options: merge PST files, merge contacts folder and join PST files. It merges various PST files in a single go without affecting the speed of the process. Users also get the option to save the merged PST file into an existing or new one. This software also works if users want to merge the ANSI-type PST file.

In this post, we shared a professional tool to merge your PST files into a single one. After discussing everything about the Shoviv PST Merge Tool and manual method, we suggest users choose Shoviv professional tool. Users can quickly merge various PST files using this professional software.

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    • dellataylor Re: How to Merge PST files 01.06.23, 06:42
      Unlimited data from Outlook PST files can be easily combined with the Softaken Merge Outlook PST files Software without even a single data loss. Try this easy method to merge several Outlook files into a single PST file if you have multiple files. You may combine your data with this program by file, folder, data, etc. With the help of this advanced tool, you can quickly and affordably combine Outlook Calendars, Journals, Contacts, Emails, and other mail items into a single file without sacrificing any data. The program offers an appealing and user-friendly GUI interface, which allows both technical and non-technical people to utilize it with ease. Both the ANSI and UNICODE formats of the PST file are broken by this program. Download the application's free trial version.
    • cibav75 Re: How to Merge PST files 02.06.23, 11:47
      Here, I would highly recommend using this brilliant PST Merge tool because I personally use it, & let me tell you that it is the best & most secure software to combine multiple PST files into one. Technical & non-technical users can easily merge multiple PST files into a single PST file without any errors. This program combines all the contact properties, such as home emails, attachments, contacts, images, & much more. It is a very lightweight application on every system; it requires a few MB of storage space on your hard drive on every system. Professional & non-professional users can simply join multiple PST files into a single PST file without any technical problems. You may download the free demo version for a few items of the Merge PST application. This Merge PST application is easily compatible with all the window-based operating system versions, like 98, XP, Vista, 7/8/8.1, & 10 (32-bit & 64-bit). Refer:

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