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Skandal po artykule w GW w Katowicach

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"Anyone reading this article need to know this is all a false history of what
occured by incompetent journalists who publish without any facts or police
information. The truth about who caused the incidence is completely contrary
to the article. The murdered student was killed trying to prevent the fight
which he had no part in. The murderer was acting as the aggressor with no
cause and no girl taking part in the conflict. The student was born and
in America and was the same as every american with family outside of the
country, and never lived in an arab country. He was an American who was
trying neutrally to stop a conflict between two peoples. He was a good man
always helped others and never hurt anyone in his life.
The fact that this newspaper would change the facts and write such garbage
without any true sources will be met with all legal actions available. If
article is printed as is the consequences will be legally against the
for misinformation. Let this be a warning to the newspaper that printing a
detailed account of the incident without interviewing any one present is not
acceptable and we will be informing the American embassy in Poland."
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