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    zdięcia w CV ??

    16.08.05, 06:53
    Witam, mam małe pytanie : Czy w CV należy dać zdięcie czy nie ??

    thx za odpowiedż.

    ps. Chodzi o UK

    pozdro had
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      • jasiubleep Re: zdięcia w CV ?? 16.08.05, 12:11
        So... here are some handy hints to ensure that your CV bites the dust at the
        first scan.

        Personal details. Write all about you, your family, number of children,
        nationality. The more the better—after all curriculum vitae is Latin for life

        Employment history and education history. Put things in chronological order
        starting with your earliest education. By the time the reader gets to the end
        of the details, they will know all about you. List all your qualifications even
        if it is a life saving badge or a cycling proficiency certificate you got at
        primary school

        Achievements and prizes. Put them all in. It is good to let them know that you
        won the prize at school for poetry reading. If you are sporty, write about all
        the games you have played and the teams that you have been in

        Make yourself sound interesting! Choose an obscure hobby or interest or one
        that you have always fancied doing. Ice rock climbing or potholing sounds far
        better than stamp collecting. Having a pet or interest in animals gives the
        impression you are a caring person. What are the chances you will get asked a
        question about it even if you do manage to get to the interview stage?

        Make sure you have got a good reference by using your friends and neighbours
        and making it clear that is who they are. People who you used to work for and
        have gone abroad are also a good bet

        Don't bother to spell check. Someone reading quickly might well miss common
        errors like "managenment, liason, and opthalmology". Spell check only picks up
        mispelt words; it is no use if you have a left out a letter that spells a word,
        for example, "I work a full shit system" could make for interesting reading and
        keep the reader awake. A bit of humour never does any harm. Don't bother to get
        someone else to read it either—they are not recruiting you and they will
        probably just be bored

        Readability. Use a 10-point type—it allows you to get more in and is often hard
        to read. Different colours, especially as a border, and tables are good. Lots
        of bold, italics, and underlining to highlight all the different sections and
        their importance can be helpful. It will completely confuse the reader

        Grammar. Use long sentences and paragraphs. Use all the tenses. This will show
        off your grasp of the English language. Lots of "I did this" and "I did that"
        comes over well. The use of the apostrophe is also helpful to allow more words
        to be used

        Layout. Use your artistic talents. Produce a front sheet with your name and
        qualifications on it and for good measure—what about a photo! You might want to
        put a couple of key quotes in as well, for example, "I am dedicated to saving
        patients' lives" or, "I am an enthusiastic person and dedicated team worker."
        To make life even easier, download a template from the internet or a word
        processing package, just add the key details, and send off, no matter what the
        job involves

        Write a book—the thicker the better. Publications, presentations, teaching,
        audit, and other duties should all be included together with supporting
        information. Cram it all in.

        If you follow these rules, it will probably guarantee that you will not get
        shortlisted, which saves a lot of time and effort. The reader will have been
        bored by your CV and not remember you at all. Good news because if and when you
        apply for another job at the same place, you will not have to make any changes
        to the document and it will seem like a fresh application.

        However, if you really want to succeed, then ensure you do the opposite of the
        rules above and you will have a good chance of getting shortlisted and selling
        yourself at interview. But that is a whole different ball game.

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