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    TAM QUI - ancient vietnamese martial art

    19.02.10, 17:45

    Tam Qui Khi Kong Federation

    The History of the beginning…
    This method is rooted in great antiquity, in those times when human
    life cost nothing. There was no time for sorting out relationship or
    for competitions. In a combat the one who had survived continued
    living. In those ancient times Vietnam waged constant wars with
    China and within Vietnam there were never ending internecine
    strives. It was impossible to survive being alone. That is why
    people lived there making big families or clans, therefore withstood
    continual dangers. There were certain methods of physical and
    psychological trainings within every family. Such a training of
    fighters began from the very early age. By the age of twenty a man
    became a perfect fighter possessing the secret technique of the
    Martial Arts. Those warriors alone could withstand lots of enemies.
    Where was the secret? In what way such warriors were trained?
    Vietnamese culture during many long centuries was influenced by two
    great civilizations – Chinese and Indian. The appearance and
    spreading of Chan Buddhism (Thien), the embodiment of assimilation
    of these two cultures, served its crucial role in the developing of
    Vietnamese ancient spiritual culture. Got such valuable heritage
    from two ancient spiritual cultures ancestors of Vietnamese were
    able to absorb all the best of the spiritual, medicinal and battle
    systems and to transform these systems constructively taking into
    account the national peculiar qualities of their region. Absolutely
    new methods were occurred as a result, methods of the developing of
    every aspect in human nature, starting with physiology, mentality,
    energy finishing by spiritual essence of the human. Tam Qui Khi-Kong
    is one of such methods.
    Unfortunately, the name of the founder of the school was lost, the
    only thing remained is a legend: “Long long time ago there was a
    village. People in the village constantly worked to feed themselves.
    In those times customs were wild, there were lots of bandits who
    outrageously did violence to peaceful villagers. So, once some
    bandits came to a village. The chieftain of the gang made the
    villagers give him the whole harvest and the cattle. Villagers tried
    to stand the bandits, but the forces were unequal. The only people
    who survived in the whole village were an old man and a boy. The old
    man called up the boy and told him: “Far away in the jungles a
    deserted temple is. Go there, people say, this is a miraculous
    place, you may find the answer of how we should live now”. The boy
    roamed in the jungles for long while looking for the temple, used
    roots for food, slept on trees not to be caught by wild animals. And
    one day he saw that deserted temple twined around with lianas.
    Absolute desolation was everywhere inside the temple, it seemed that
    nobody had appeared here for a long time. He had to clean everything
    out, to rake away garbage and dust until he saw beautiful images of
    Arhats, majestic statues of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. He got carried
    away by the work so much that he lost count of time. Perhaps, he was
    dreaming but one day Arhats began to speak to him: “we know what’s
    happened with you. You have a kind heart, and we will help you.
    We’ll train you a wonderful technique of fight and teach you the
    method by which you will be able to touch your inner nature. This
    method is called Tam Qui (three jewels). Thanks to this method
    you’ll be able to defeat bandits and train people to protect
    themselves from enemies and evil spirits as well”. From that very
    moment every night the boy got the magical knowledge from Arhats and
    the whole following day carefully learnt everything by heart. After
    a few years he changed into a warrior with supernatural abilities.
    Then Arhats conveyed him the deepest essence of method: “there’s
    nothing much better to keep body and soul together for reaching
    longevity than discipline of the body. The secret of the curbing of
    the body is in the concentration of the energy inside Khi-hai, the
    place situated in the bottom of the stomach. When the vital energy
    condenses in this point, an elixir appears. This elixir makes the
    body appearance become solid and stronger and the spirit full and
    rich. If the spirit is full and rich the life will be long. It
    should be known that the elixir is placed nowhere but within your
    body. The most crucial thing is to make vital energy of the heart
    flow down into the lower part of the body in a way to fill the
    elixir in Khi-hai centre. Oh, Worthy Man, if you follow hard this
    teaching which we are giving you and never deviate from it, thus the
    teaching will let you keep the strength and health during all your
    life. And if you prove peculiar persistence you will be able to save
    and even increase your abilities that you have gained from us”. His
    strength was so great that only seeing him was enough and robbers
    always ran away. He lived a long life, only chosen ones he taught
    Tam Qui” That is the longstanding legend about the school.
    The emblem of the school is a wheel with eight spokes that
    symbolizes eightfold path:
    1. Correct understanding, views, estimation and opinions.
    2. Correct aims, motives, plans, argumentation and decisions.
    3. Correct using of speech.
    4. Correct behavior, deeds and acts.
    5. Correct attitude to the living; fulfillment of the well-defined
    role in life, which should be unselfish, sensitive and useful.
    6. Correct efforts aimed at kind performances.
    7. Correct intellectual activity: studying and teaching.
    8. Correct contemplation following faithfully the fixation of the
    mind, the contemplation, which let intuition and insight become

    In the middle of the wheel there is three unity symbolizing three
    treasures: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Such symbolism is typical in
    the whole Buddhism for every country and time. Besides, the image of
    this symbol can be met almost in every nation living on the Planet.
    Tam Qui method places high emphasis on a person invigoration as well
    as a battle aspect; this feature is typical for most of the
    Vietnamese systems. It is considered that first of all the perfect
    health is needed to become a magnificent warrior, and this idea is
    rather difficult to dispute. Strengthening of viscera, tendon-
    ligament apparatus and musculoskeletal system is of a great
    importance. The same significant importance has mental and ethical
    training of a student. Moral purity is the core of the successful
    development of a strong person.
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      • tamqui Re: TAM QUI - ancient vietnamese martial art 23.03.10, 10:03
        Federacja Tam Kui Khi-Kong z Moskwy, zaprasza do współpracy przy organizacji seminarium w waszym mieście, pt: «Tam Kui Khi-Kong starożytna wietnamska sztuka walki».

        Federacja Tam Kui Khi-Kong ma zaszczyt przedstawic unikalną starożytną sztukę uzdrawiania organizmu i technikę walki.
        Szef Fedracji, Mistrz. Tam Kui Khi-Kong - Igor Michniewicz (ur.1965r.) to jedyny specjalista tego kierunku, ma ponad 30 lat praktyki oraz ponad 10 letni staż trenerski.

        Celem Federacji jest propagowanie tej metody w Europie i na świecie. Tak więc poszukujemy osób zainteresowanych współpracą, początkowo przy wydaniu książek, które opisują powyższą metodę.

        Rosja, Moskwa, +7(495) 769-72-00

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