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Żydowscy szpiedzy żyja wsród Palestyńczyków

10.02.05, 18:34

Secret Israeli Units Lived Among Palestinians for Years

Israelis are fascinated with the revelation that for the past 40 years Israeli Jewish undercover agents have been passing themselves off as Palestinians and have not only lived with and worked with Palestinians, but have even married and had children with Palestinian women living inside Israel.

Published in Ha?aretz, the story revealed the existence of a special branch of the Israeli Shin Bet which sent Arab-born Jews to infiltrate Palestinian towns and families between 1952 and 1959. Some of the agents are still around and remain nameless; some are dead.


Żydowscy szpiedzy żyja wsród Palestyńczyków przez lata, udając prawowitych obywateli.
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