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Transport software development

30.06.23, 14:50
Hi guys! I have a question and I hope you can help. I want to know how to properly order software development for the transportation industry. What are the steps and recommendations to consider when choosing a company or developer for this project? I will be very grateful for any information and advice!
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    • Re: Transport software development 30.06.23, 15:01
      If you are looking for the right developer or company for transportation software development, it is advisable to review the portfolio and conduct an interview to make sure they meet your needs and requirements. For example, you can get complete information about transportation software development at this resource
      • Re: Transport software development 30.06.23, 15:03
        I would like to thank you very much for your response. Your advice and guidance helped me understand how to choose the right developer for my transportation software development project. I really appreciate your time and the information you provided. Thank you for your help!

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