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      Kanadyjski Reynolds Tobacco dostal w piatek nakaz zaplacenia dla Ontario zaleglych
      podatkow, bagatela CAD $ 1 400 000 000. To na boku podobnej sprawy rzadu
      federalnego Kanady. Przez dekade organizowali przemyt, udawajac ze nie wiedza.

      Wspollnik MIchnika od konkursu dziennikarzy "sledczych" Oczy Otwarte, czyli Philip
      Morris, jest oskarzony o identyczne przewalki. Ciekawe kiedy doczekamy sie wzmianki
      u Ministra Prawdy;

      Saturday, August 14, 2004
      The Halifax Herald Limited

      Tobacco firm nailed
      Quebec Superior Court orders JTI-Macdonald to pay almost $1.4 billion in back taxes

      By Nelson Wyatt / The Canadian Press

      MONTREAL - Tobacco manufacturer JTI-Macdonald has been ordered by Quebec
      Superior Court to pay almost $1.4 billion in back taxes to the Quebec Revenue

      JTI-Macdonald said in a statement Friday that it "is studying this unprecedented Quebec
      situation carefully and will take all necessary and appropriate measures to defend its
      lawful business."

      The judgment was made public Friday by Revenue Minister Lawrence Bergman. The
      company must pay up immediately.

      Bergman said the decision was a victory for Quebec taxpayers, adding that other
      tobacco companies are also being pursued. He did not elaborate.

      The government charged that JTI-Macdonald profited from the contraband trade in
      cigarettes and did not pay taxes on profits from 1990 through 1998.

      The federal government made the same allegation in a lawsuit filed in Ontario a year

      The tobacco company said Friday it will be presenting a vigorous defence in the Ontario

      "The action by the Quebec Ministry of Revenue is extraordinary and all the more
      disturbing as it ignores the presumption of innocence while a vigorously contested
      proceeding, to which Revenue Quebec is a party, is before the Ontario Court of Justice,"
      the company said.

      The Quebec government said it is merely doing what taxpayers expect.

      "Revenue Quebec intends to use all necessary measures to ensure the company in this
      case pays all the eligible taxes," the department stated.

      About a dozen companies were named as defendants in the Ontario Superior Court
      case, all of them falling under the R. J. Reynolds and Japan Tobacco groups, including
      JTI-Macdonald of Toronto.

      Several of those companies are alleged to have conspired in a multibillion-dollar
      smuggling operation in the early 1990s.

      In that operation, Canadian companies allegedly shipped crates of cigarettes to
      American subsidiaries in an attempt to push for lower tobacco taxes. The cigarettes
      were then allegedly sold to smugglers and brought illegally into Canada through native
      reserves and border checkpoints.

      Once back in Canada, the cigarettes were sold to consumers at a substantial discount -
      sometimes half the price of legally purchased packages.

      Faced with a massive trade in contraband cigarettes, Ottawa and various provincial
      governments relented in 1994 and lowered tobacco taxes.

      They began raising them again after allegations of the corporate smuggling scheme
      were raised in 1999.

      In 2003, RCMP charged JTI-Macdonald and eight former executives in connection with
      alleged cigarette smuggling in the early 1990s. JTI-Macdonald has denied the charges.

      Copyright ? 2004 The Halifax Herald Limited
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