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temporary a permanent position

IP: * 13.05.08, 00:13
Zdalem konkurs AD/60/06, a teraz zaproponowano mi stanowisko tempa.
Zastanawiam sie, czy je przyjac, wolalbym poczekac na jakies
permanent position, no ale w sumie moge sie nigdy nie doczekac. Z
drugiej strony jak zaczne pracowac jako temp, to co stanie sie z
moim nazwiskiem na liscie rezerwowej? Czy trace wtedy szanse na
stale zatrudnienie? A co gdy lista sie przeterminuje? W skrocie: co
Obserwuj wątek
          • Gość: xcv Re: temporary a permanent position IP: * 16.05.08, 11:33
            > DG Recherche - Bruksela, Ispra, Karsruhe, itp...

            Te dwa ostatnie to nie DG Research a JRC...

            >Budzet "fonctionnement", NIE moga Cie nigdy zwolnic.

            Jak sie (bardzo) postarasz to i tu cie zwolnia...

            > Budzet "recherche", jak nie bedzie budzetu (brak pieniedzy), moga
            Cie zwolnic.

            Slyszales/las o takich przypadkach? Ile ich bylo?
            • Gość: Akuku Re: temporary a permanent position IP: * 16.05.08, 12:53
              Ostatnie duze zwolnienia w Komisji (a wlasciwie w Komisjach...) bylo
              w 1967/68 przy okazji polaczenia 3 komisji (EC, EURATOM i HA). W
              latach 60-tych byla tez duza zawierucha w ISPRA.
              Generalnie urzednikow mianowanych mozna zwolnic z powodow
              budzetowych, vide art 41 Staff Regulation:

              Section 4
              Non-active status

              Article 41
              1. An official having non‑active status is one who has become
              supernumerary by reason of reduction in the number of posts in his

              2. Reductions in the number of posts in a particular grade shall be
              decided by the appropriate budgetary authority under the budgetary

              The appointing authority shall, after consulting the Joint
              Committee, decide what types of post are to be affected by such

              The appointing authority shall draw up a list of the officials to be
              affected by such measures, after consulting the Joint Committee,
              taking into account the officials' ability, efficiency, conduct in
              the service, family circumstances and seniority. Any official
              occupying one of the posts referred to in the preceding subparagraph
              who expresses the wish to be assigned non‑active status shall
              automatically be entered on this list.

              Officials whose names appear on this list shall be assigned
              non‑active status by decision of the appointing authority.

              3. While possessing this status an official shall cease to perform
              his duties and to enjoy his rights to remuneration or advancement to
              a higher step, but shall continue, for a period not exceeding five
              years, to accumulate rights to retirement pension based on the
              salary carried by his grade and step.

              For a period of two years from the date of being assigned non‑active
              status, an official shall have priority for reinstatement in any
              post in his function group corresponding to his grade which may fall
              vacant or be created, provided that he has the necessary

              An official assigned on non‑active status shall receive an allowance
              calculated in accordance with Annex IV.

              Income received by the official from any new employment during this
              period shall be deducted from the allowance provided for in the
              preceding subparagraph if that income and the allowance together
              exceed the total remuneration last received by the official,
              calculated by reference to the table of salaries applicable on the
              first day of the month for which the allowance is to be paid.

              The official shall furnish such written proof as may be required and
              inform the institution of any facts liable to affect his entitlement.

              No correction coefficient shall be applicable to the allowance.

              However, the allowance and the total remuneration last received, as
              referred to in the fourth subparagraph of this Article, shall be
              subject to the weighting referred to in the first subparagraph of
              Article 3(5) of Annex XI, at the rate fixed for the Member State
              where the recipient proves he has his residence, provided that
              Member State was the recipient's last place of employment. In such
              cases, if the currency of the Member State is not the euro, this
              allowance is calculated on the basis of the exchange rates provided
              for in Article 63 of these Staff Regulations.

              4. At the end of the period of entitlement of the allowance the
              official shall be required to resign. He shall, where appropriate,
              receive a retirement pension as provided for in the pension scheme.

              5. An official who before expiry of the two‑year period specified in
              paragraph 3 has been offered a post corresponding to his grade and
              has declined it without good reason may, after the Joint Committee
              has been consulted, be deprived of his rights under the foregoing
              provisions and be required to resign.

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