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International School Warsaw

12.12.21, 11:11
Hello! Can you recommend any private/public international schools in Warsaw? I'm thinking about - does anyone have any experience with it? smile Thank you in advance. <3 I'm looking for a primary school and kindergarten. But kindergarten thing is not that necessary, since my younger kid had a Polish nanny, and she already speaks a little.
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    • mbernard24 Re: International School Warsaw 15.12.21, 10:28
      Hello! My son has been there since nursery all the way up to 3rd grade ( In which he is right now). Fully recommend both places as they have great teachers who really care and love their students. My son has loved it ever since.
    • juanpjimenez Re: International School Warsaw 15.12.21, 14:47
      My son attends fifth grade at ITSW, and he loves it! Its a good school, we came from a British school abroad and at first he was a bit nervous, but adapted rather quickly. we are very happy with this choice.
    • th3.night.w4tch Re: International School Warsaw 19.12.21, 15:35
      Wow, guys, thank you for answers! It looks like the ITSW is a great choice. smile I'm happy your kids love it. My younger one is a social creature, but my older kid is a bit shy. Thanks to you I have one less thing to worry about. big_grin
    • passiflora1990 Re: International School Warsaw 20.04.22, 15:08
      I'll revive this post. I saw that has a kindergarten in Krakow as well. Is it as good as their schools i Warsaw? smile

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