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pOLAND -silent death

23.08.12, 00:17
[u]Poland real land of death
THIS ONLY IS POLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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    • bioderma Re: pOLAND -silent death 31.10.12, 06:11
      UK chav culture, very bad dressed people even surgeons, London very expensive and ugly town, rich Uk citizen prefer invest in France, in Paris particulary in real state, men are homosexul,
      men, women drink a very, very lot of beer, blue collar in UK are very vulgar (in France, in contrary, blue collar know "savoir vivre", politesse), at Eurostar station in London you can dial special number to give evrybody in prison, cigarettes are more expensive in the whole world, expensive four star hotel in London= one star in France, Geramany, Poland, Austria etc, etc...
      • bioderma Re: pOLAND -silent death 31.10.12, 06:14
        idem people from United States of America.
        Americans, Brits do not want come back from France, Austria, Germany in their country wink)
    • bioderma Re: pOLAND -silent death 31.10.12, 06:23
      Uk, USA (except London and NYC) have no culture, only bussines.
      Americans, Brits have the poorset dentition in Europe (including Poland, Czech Rupublic, Hungary), costs of health are extravagant, people do not go to hospital, private clincs are for milionaires.
      1/4 of Americans do not have any medical insurance
      • bioderma Re: pOLAND -silent death 31.10.12, 06:25
        I do not want american, british on-line, business culture for my child!
    • bioderma Re: pOLAND -silent death 31.10.12, 06:42
      Uk, USA do not recononize the Universal Children Chart, they have the highest pourcentage of children in prisons
      Dentition mens theet, I do not like english lunguage, I learn some english in proposal to speak dirty money with wite collar American, Brit teefs in corporate banking.
      In Uk, USA is more rapes, rapts, teefs than in continetal Europe.
      Sado maso culture BDSM come from Uk
      In UK two centuries ago men could sell his wife for four pints of beer, OZI comes from prostitutes and criminals.
      I do not want australian pink prostitute culture for my child!
      • bioderma Re: pOLAND -silent death 31.10.12, 06:49
        I like, I love very much educated Brits, Americans, infortunately the do not speak european lungages!
        • usenetposts Re: pOLAND -silent death 03.12.12, 12:21
          I bet they speak more than you do!
          • bioderma Re: pOLAND -silent death 04.12.12, 21:59
            I agree useneposts -smile
            • amcapol Re: pOLAND -silent death 04.05.13, 08:03
              Anyway, you need some serious psychotherapy and a multiple antidepressants 4times a day.

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