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Definition of compaction machinery

06.12.16, 04:39
The use of mechanical force to soil, gravel and other fillers compact earthmoving machinery. Widely used in foundations, roads, airports, dams and other projects.
Compaction machinery according to the working principle is divided into: static rolling type, to replace the static roller compactor trend. Impact type, vibration type and compound action type.Small Road Roller - Shanghai Doan Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd

Static compaction compaction machinery
The use of the grind wheel gravity, vibrating vibratory roller, the pressure layer to produce permanent deformation and dense. Rolling and impact impact roller crushing and so on. Its grinding wheel is divided into: light grind, groove grinding, sheep foot roller and tire grinding and so on.
The compacted surface of the compacting roller is smooth and widely used. It is suitable for compaction of various road, cushion, airport pavement and square.
Slot grind, sheep foot roller unit pressure, compaction layer thickness, suitable for subgrade, dam compaction.
Tire roller tire pressure can be adjusted, can increase or decrease pressure, variable unit pressure, compaction rubbing process, so that uniform compact compaction layer, suitable for roads, squares and other cushion compaction. And does not hurt the road, applicable to roads, squares and so on.
Light maintenance equipment slightly "alternative"
In September, the sales volume of light-duty maintenance equipment increased by 2 sets, the other series of products showed different degrees of decline, including mechanical single-wheel sales of 370 units, down 103 units; full hydraulic single-wheel sales 130 Taiwan, down 150 units; double-wheel sales of 140 units, down 35 units; tire sales of 104 units, down 8 units; light sales of 193 units, an increase of 2 units. Sales of single-drums of 4557 units, down 477 units, down 9.47%; full hydraulic single-wheel sales of 1857 units, down 619 units, a decrease of 25%; double-wheel sales of 1314 units, down 125 units , A decrease of 8.69%; light sales of 1817 units, an increase of 64 units, an increase of 3.65%.
Foreign-funded enterprises outperformed the industry
The industry's five foreign brands, in September sales of 107 units, growth of 12 units, an increase of 9 units, the market share of more than 10%; 1-September total sales of 952 units, an increase of 89 units, market share from last year's 6.86% Growth to 8.36% this year.
Overall, the performance of the roller market in September can be described as "drift", according to the current situation, combined with the roller industry trends and historical data, is expected in 2014 sales of about 14,000 road roller machine industry.
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