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IP: * 23.12.02, 20:24
Czy ktoś próbował przedawkować aviomarin? Po pięciu tabletkach spadam z nóg
(faza? omdlenie?). Zastanawiam się, czy dalej jest równie fajnie i śmierć
jest umiarkowanie bolesna.
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    • Gość: ApokaLipsA Re: samobójstwo IP: * 23.12.02, 20:44
      Ja tankowałam Awiomarin dożylnie..ale tak może być
      przyjemnie...i się nazywa zabawa w śmierć i bardzo uzależnia..coś o
      tym wiem
      • Gość: Saab Re: samobójstwo IP: * 31.12.02, 10:46
        Czy aviomarin jest na receptę?
        • Gość: .... Re: samobójstwo IP: * 01.01.03, 00:18
          czy znacie jakies leki zeby bezbolesnie odebrac sobie zycie..
          chodzi mi o jakies latwo dostepne.

    • wilk_stepowy Re: samobójstwo 01.01.03, 00:43
      The Church of Euthanasia's Official Recommended Method is helium, which is a
      simple asphyxiant commonly used to blow up balloons. For detailed instructions,
      go here: If you're
      interested in the reasoning, see our meta-guide:
      Another good method is taking sleeping pills and fastening a large plastic
      trash bag over your head. That way even if the dose isn't enough to kill you,
      or makes you throw up (a common problem), you still die of asphyxiation. This
      is by the way the official "Hemlock Society approved" method, and has proved to
      be very effective and painless. Use a rubber band to fasten the bag around your
      head. It's best to hold the bag open while you're falling asleep, so you can
      still breathe and don't panic. After you fall asleep, your grip loosens, the
      elastic tightens, and presto: you stop breathing. The only hard part is getting
      the pills (some folks just use the bag, but this is hard-core).

      If you can't get sleeping pills, you could also try connecting a tube to the
      exhaust pipe of a car. Run the tube into the car by rolling down one window a
      bit, and be sure to use tape (duct tape would be good) to seal the space around
      the tube so there's no leakage. Start up the motor, turn on the radio, and sit
      back. This one is completely painless, and you will not wake up unless 1. you
      run out of gas (fill it up first) or 2. someone discovers you (the most common
      reason why this method doesn't work). It's best to drive somewhere far away
      from people, which, needless to say, is getting harder and harder to do.

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