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06.06.15, 10:11
another major bodybuilder orother athletes who developed heart disease or stroke and aseemingly premature age and that this in many instances will probably have been attributable tosteroid use and 42 Greg Valentino the Action Fuel Pro ultimate steroidpumped bodybuilding he paid a terrible price but he's lived to tell the tale and he still enjoys telling that taleknow that I like the new york Reggie Lewis career I let the needlejust like stick in there and hang oh man I love it don't really it's fucked up you shoulda stayed before I'm which isshortest No that's me looking drained Hematol madamI on look quick look bunny and the tape home andyou look even our leadership book we look at any level fischoff cash much I'm talking to Bobshe on the phone i'm talking to Bobby I was on the phonewith him he was the winner and it's a great husband now I was justgot to stop it I was left and right and he's gonna me we'll ever usuallydon't know hospital platelet election de montebello possible atop a block hit a fuckin ball sack without balls looking at him I like a breast implant haha lucky ishe's a lot that's what I was happily just tell youwho to believe they may be today that was fun that was reallythought I was popped up is really gross yes like that to go infiles 2000 miles away can break stay moistHorror Story Morneau wanna be muscle and Jewel howcan you do that shit son home nice touch this mean something on hismuscle mass stop her name because it's not legal noit's not but Israel Jack I'm sorry the Islamists where how far or day Ilove it hours in our text alerts eventually Tom to write another I don't wanna know that asians are youknow what am I would never take it to steam not thatweighs on to join his muscle this years ago haha think
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