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kurs w reykjaviku

24.02.05, 09:29
nie wiem, czy slyszeliscie o takim kursie:
ja bylem na nim w zeszlym roku. wprawdzie poziom nauki pozostawial troche do
zyczenia, ale widze, ze postanowiono wprowadzic pewne zmiany, ktore powinny
wyjsc imprezie na dobre.
goraco polecam.
jesli macie jakies pytania, to z checia odpowiem.
Obserwuj wątek
    • lynx.rufus pelna informacja 24.02.05, 09:31
      Summer Course

      Summer Course in Icelandic
      July 4 - 29, 2005
      General Information

      The Sigurður Nordal Institute, in cooperation with the Faculty of Humanities at
      the University of Iceland, organizes every year an International Summer Course
      in Modern Icelandic and Icelandic Culture. The course is primarily intended for
      university students of language and literature, but anyone interested in
      Icelandic and Icelandic culture is welcome to apply. The applicants' residence
      must not be in Iceland.
      The Course

      Approximately 35 students can be accepted in the course. They will be taught in
      two groups on the basis of their previous knowledge of Icelandic. Prerequisite
      for participation is to have finished the course Icelandic Online, which is to
      be found free of charge on the web: Language skills
      will be tested. The groups will have 80 hours of instruction in language and
      cultural competence, four classes a day. Classes are scheduled 5 days a week,
      Monday through Friday, in the morning and early afternoon. Class attendance is
      obligatory. Instruction is mainly in Icelandic, but English will serve as the
      second language in teaching. A certificate will be issued upon completion of
      the course. Credits: 8 university credits, [ECTS: 16]
      Location and Accommodation

      The course is to be held in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. Classes take
      place at the University Campus on Suðurgata. Accommodation can be arranged for
      those students who wish in rooms in private homes and apartments together with
      other students for approximately USD 350. There is no possibility to
      accommodate family members and friends of the students. No food service is
      available at the private homes, but the lodgers have access to the kitchen.
      Lunch is available on campus. Participants can expect to spend at least USD 30
      a day on food expenses.
      Excursions and Social Activities

      The participants will be given the opportunity to have guided tours of the
      National Museum, Cultural House, National Gallery and of the Alþing. Two
      daytrips are planned during the course as well as a sightseeing excursion of
      Reykjavík. One will be to Reykholt, the home of Snorri the historian, and
      Þingvellir, the old Parliament site. The other tour is to the sites of Njáls
      Saga and other places of historical and geographical interest in the south of
      Iceland. There will be a welcome-party on the afternoon of Monday, July 4, as
      well as a final social gathering at the end of the course. Other social
      activities will be organized on the spot by the students.

      The tuition fee for the course is USD 500. This covers instruction, lectures,
      and xeroxed teaching material. Students must buy textbooks and dictionaries for
      approximately USD 150. The excursions are included. The fee does not cover any
      travel expenses apart from the organized excursions nor any other personal
      Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any scholarships.

      The deadline for applications is February 15, 2005. A reply will be sent in
      March. At that time we will ask for the amount of USD 500 as a confirmation of
      the application. The tuition fee is not refundable. Our application form is now
      available on-line.

      Icelandic Summer Course
      Sigurður Nordal Institute
      P.O. Box 1220
      121 Reykjavík

      Supervisor Dr. Úlfar Bragason, Director of the Sigurður Nordal Institute. E-
      Programme assistant Guðrún Laufey Guðmundsdóttir M.A. E-mail:

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