IP: 62.233.157.* 21.08.02, 15:09
Hello to everone!
I wanna know something about FCE. Is it worth to have this certificate? Is it
an advantage when you're looking for a job? Please give some advice. I would
be very grateful for any opinions.
Regards, TomiK.
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    • Gość: LOSTI ODP. IP: *.optikom-bis.pl 21.08.02, 17:39
      I guess it is worth to have ANY paper that could confirm your knowledge of
      English. How old are you by the way? Well... I think FCE is just the first
      step. Thats why it is called " The First Certificate in English". Its pretty
      easy to pass and it just tells that you have the basic knowledge of Englis.
      My advice? Study some more and try to pass AEC ... its better for you
      Take care...
    • Gość: ABeCe Re: FCE exam IP: *.poleczki.dialup.inetia.pl 21.08.02, 22:36
      Losti is right. FCE confirms that your knowledge of english is intermediate
      and honestly speaking it is not a big advantage, for most people already have
      this certificate. it is still better than nothing anyway. CAE on the other
      hand gives you at the moment a competitive edge over your rivals, but soon it
      may be not even enough to hold this certificate in order to impress potential
    • Gość: Tomik CAE IP: 62.233.157.* 22.08.02, 11:21
      Thanks a lot for informations! I'm really very impressed how fast people can
      help you. I read your opinions and drew a conclusion it's better to have CAE
      than FCE. Personally I doubt whether I'm prepared to gain CAE but who knows..?
      So I decided to ask for some more informations:
      - where I can find any inforamtions about CAE?
      - what should I do to prepare myself to take CAE exam?
      - where I can pass the exam?
      - how does it look the exam?
      - maybe somebody knows where I can find tests on the Internet?
      Any suggestion will be very, very helpful to me.
      Regards, Tomik.
    • Gość: voytex Re: FCE exam IP: *.stat.gov.pl 24.08.02, 14:22
      Be aware your knowledge will be verified whatever you write in your CV.
      Nevertheless any paper is good. FCE is an exam on your communication skills and
      states you are able to communicate in English freely. But when you writes in
      your CV 'fluent', get ready to talk.
    • Gość: magbok Re: FCE exam IP: *.gorzow.sdi.tpnet.pl 09.09.02, 19:25
      FCE used to be accepted as a qualification for teachers of English - and in
      some schools it still is! Many secondary (gimnazjum) I know only have this and
      maybe a degree in sports, but still teach English. However, on paper to teach
      in a Polish school one should now have CAE as a minimum.

      You can find out something more about FCE via this school site:

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