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anyone studying English at UAM???

IP: * 26.07.03, 14:35
I wonder what do you think about various universities
and studying English in poland, particularly in Poznan
- because I study here - 3rd year;)
What do you think about the 3+2 program of the
course??? As far as I'm concerned it is only for
complicating our lives, besides, it affects the
organization of the course, that's why we have to learn
the whole history of both USA and GB during one year!!!
what also annoys me is the fact that we don't speak
English and the requirements during our oral exams are
pretty massive...
what do you think of the lecturers?

to be continued;)))
Happy third-year student enjoying holidays (not in GB
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    • balbina_alexandra Re: anyone studying English at UAM??? 26.07.03, 20:00
      well, well nice to hear someone studying English! I guess I'm a bit older than
      you, I've already graduated and I'm lucky to get my MA after five years of
      study... I studied at Gdańsk University, don't have many bad memories
      connected with that place. Of course, there are some stupid things, like
      historical grammar, ugh... (still I get the shakes when I think about that!).
      But, on the whole I think I made the right decision - you know, studying
      English in Gdańsk is a funny place, you can easily slip through if you like,
      but ypu can also learn some useful things, I had some great teachers, I loved
      literature classes - especially American. On the other hand, a lot of people
      hve serious problems during the first three years - they're pretty demanding,
      and a lot of my mates had to have retakes, sometimes they repeated the whole
      year, sometimes they had to quit... but such is life, such things happen
      I remember that the requirements for our practical exams, oral and written,
      were quite strict... a lot of things got on my nerves when I was a student,
      but I liked my studies, people were funny (maybe not particularly brilliant,
      though...:) ). I never had any problems during my studies although I worked a
      lot at that time - it was a lovely period, I earned a lot, I never worried
      about isurance or zus, or taxes... now it's much worse, I admit :(
    • Gość: Mr JULEK Re: anyone studying English at UAM??? IP: * 12.08.03, 16:15
      Hello! I have just graduated from my B.A. studies in Elblag, maybe not very
      prestigious school, however, i have to say they taught me masses of crucial
      things. Thanks to this, I had hardly any problems with entrance examination for
      M.A. studies (now I am a student at the University of Wroclaw ). Moreover, I
      have to say, I am quite happy that English philology studies are 'broken' into
      two steps. Thanks to this, I can study in two places. True, the studies are not
      like a fairy tale when you get good grades for nothing - u have to work very
      hard if u want to be good (even in Elblag!!!). And now some questions to the
      graduate of Gdansk Univ. Probably we had the same teachers, as many of them
      lecture in PWSZ Elblag. Who did u like best? What specialisation did u graduate
      from? best regards
      • balbina_alexandra Re: anyone studying English at UAM??? 09.09.03, 00:13
        Hej Julek!
        If you studied in Elbląg I think, that maybe some guys connected with
        methodology were teaching there... in fact I'm almost sure :)))
        I was always a huge fan of literature so I chose this, I attended American
        Literature seminar, although I didn't deal with that :))) I'm really into
        feminism and female writing, so I chose one of my favourite writers, Canadian
        novelist and poet, Margaret Atwood :)))
        • Gość: Mr JULEK Re: anyone studying English at UAM??? IP: * 16.09.03, 14:18
          Actually i have to say that the whole 'methodology crew' at pwsz is local-there
          is no single methodology teacher who works also in gdansk. But for sure, we
          have 2 literature teachers (dr s.m. and dr o.k.) and 2 linguists who commute
          from gdansk (prof. dr hab. w.k. and dr t.d.). But, it is not my school any
          more - now i am a student of Wroclaw Univ, where i am doing my M.A. thesis.
          Bye, thx for your reply! good luck!
    • teach Re: anyone studying English at UAM??? 16.09.03, 22:32
      Unfortunately, most of you are sadly mistaken about the quality of 'education'
      in Poland, and the difficulties involved in passing courses.

      I speak as a lecturer in one of the places mentioned in these posts. Take my
      word for it standards are low and don't compare with similar study elsewhere in
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