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exam stress?

27.11.08, 19:48
Czy odczuwanie stresu w sytuacji egzaminacyjnej można przetłumaczyć jako
"...feels stressed in exam situations",a może jakoś ładniej??
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    • adasinghania Re: exam stress? 13.12.19, 09:46
      Why to take stress in exams. It is the modern era where students must be free from exams fear. A lot has to say from different people about the exam phase. Some tips for school board exams must be helpful when we especially talk about kids, teenagers.
    • bunkum Re: exam stress? 09.04.20, 16:50
      Stress, stressed…are vague words meaning close to nothing because of their all-encompassing generality of a covering word.
      It is often used whenever a more specific term is due but, well, is not in one's vocabulary.

      Say that you are panicking (extreme cases only) because…, worried, concerned, nervous about…, having jitters (you can have jitters about not knowing what is going to happen), or even scared or frightened, and immediately add why or what you are worried, nervous, jittery…. about.

      Are you are stressed because you father will kill you if you fail? (scared). Because your papa promised you a neat sports car if you pass? (pumped up).
      Because the exam is tomorrow and you haven't even started to study? (panicky).

      You are stressed or under stress means … anything.

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