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Native Speaker Conversations

27.05.21, 21:12
If you are keen to improve your English I am happy to help.
I will provide you with Native Speaker conversations on Zoom; Microsoft Teams or Skype.
You can be in the comfort of your home and I can talk to you from the UK.
We will not be talking about the weather as these are serious well structured conversations covering all topics of life from politics. religion, travel to economics. Join us and check how fluent you are when you are put on the spot.
It is not for the faint-hearted as I am a demanding teacher. If you think this is for you then get in touch. There is a small for materials which I prepare for the discussions.
The structure of the discussion is twice a week and hourly sessions.

Until then...

Bye for now.


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    • joeenglish Re: Native Speaker Conversations 27.05.21, 21:15
      There is a "small fee" it meant to read.

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