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English Primary School in Warsaw

27.03.22, 19:30
Hey! I'm moving to Warsaw with my 10 years old kid in a few months and I'm looking for a school for him. My friend, also an expat, recommended me the I checked their curriculum and reviews. Seems pretty impressive. But their curriculum is trilingual, Polish, English and the language of choice (kiddo would want to try Chinese :D). Aren't 3 languages too much? Especially for a bit older kid? Thank you in advance. :)
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    • kjm86 Re: English Primary School in Warsaw 28.03.22, 10:15
      Hello! My son goes to ITSW, he is 2, but I’ve also seen what the kids in the primary do with the 3 languages. I think they stop admitting students to the chinese language at age 3, just because its a tone language so it’s harder to grasp it at a later age. But he for sure can choose spanish or french. And it is not too much, the schoolww helps you with one on one classes for each language if you have a problem and adapt to your needs. It is better if you contact them, have a meeting with the founder and they show you around. I hope this helps.
    • wojtekmars67 Re: English Primary School in Warsaw 31.03.22, 09:43
      Hi, my daughter has been going to ITSW kindergarten since she was 3 years old. We like the fact that 3 foreign languages are being learned. We chose English and French. I am sure they will be useful in the future. He can already speak full sentences. He speaks French with the other children from kindergarten. Lessons are taught by native speakers. Additionally, children from other countries go there, e.g. from France, as their parents work in Poland. You can go ahead and choose this kindergarten.

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