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Santa Clause

16.12.08, 18:32
“Santa Clause” seems to me a very strange merging of two words into
one meaning because “santa” in Spanish means “saint” in relation to
woman (e.g.: Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, however I
wouldn't mind to get presents from “Santa Nicola”. :) ) On the other
hand “Clause” resembles German equivalent of “Klaus”. In my opinion
proper name for him should be:
- considering Spanish origin “San Nicolas”
- considering English name “Saint Nicholas” or “Saint Nicolas”
My question is: Has there ever been applied the name “Saint
Nicholas” instead of “Santa Clause” in the past in England?

Blissful Christmassive & Santaclausive Festival to all :)
May Happy & Prosperous New Year take you all in its captivity

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    • jonathan.oakley Re: Santa Clause 16.12.08, 19:19
      Thanks for your post. I believe "Santa Claus" is American and
      originally derived from the Dutch "Sinterklaas." In the UK we
      say "Father Christmas." In Britain, Saint Nicholas is remembered on
      6 Dec as the patron saint of children. The Holy Trinity Church in
      Sloane Street, London likes to reaquaint children with their patron
      saint each year and talk about the real meaning of Xmas. Please
      check out the link below:

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