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Dear Jonatttan,
I am the lab worker and I received the method to analyse some chemical compounds.
One fragment of this method is unclear to me. It is: "Incubate at 40 C for 2
hours on flotty". Everything is clear to me except the expression "on flotty".
Can you help me with the explanation of it?
Thanks :)
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    • jonathan.oakley Re: on flotty 05.04.09, 19:03
      The only "flotty" I have heard of is from South Africa:- a hat that
      has a zippered pocket with a cork inside to enable it to float! I
      would suggest you ask your lab supervisor for clarification.
    • funkenschlag Re: on flotty 08.04.09, 12:37
      It looks like a chemical slang expression from Latin or Italian "flottare" - English "float".

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