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Pakistan i Taibani

08.02.09, 10:58
Jak podaje CNN

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (CNN) -- Polish authorities in Pakistan say they
are monitoring local reports that Taliban militants have executed a
kidnapped Polish engineer.

Pakistani Taliban militants offer prayers in Mamouzai area of
Orakzai Agency in November.

Piotr Stancza was kidnapped September 28 from the city of Attock in
Punjab province. Stancza had been based there for a Polish survey
company searching for natural gas.

Local reports and TV station Dawn News reported Stancza's execution

Polish Embassy spokesman Peter Adams said his offices were aware of
local media reports but were waiting to hear officially from
Pakistani authorities. He said all efforts had been made by Polish
authorities to pressure the Pakistani government to do whatever it
could to secure Stancza's release.

"From the Polish side, we did whatever we could, pressuring the
Pakistani government on the presidential and prime minister level,"
Adams said. "Problem was, this was solely Pakistan's responsibility.
Demands were only towards [the] Pakistan government."

Oczywiscie te antysemickie wernychory, milosnicy Iranu, Hezbolla,
Hamas, ogolnie islamskich fanatykow, zebrane na tym forum zaraz
napisza ze to Zydow wina... a ja mowie nie to stara dobra
muzulmanska tradycja... ktora od setek lat do dzisiaj sie nie
zmienila... Jeszcze niedawno w Saud Arabi scieto dzieczyne bo poszla
do lozka nie z tym co jej kazali...
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    • 1paulbo Re: Pakistan i Taibani 10.02.09, 07:38
      Żyjemy na świecie w którym życie ludzkie ma bardzo małą wartość.
      Większość ludzi zamieszkuje kraje, gdzie nawet w świetle "prawa"
      można człowieka uśmiercić, a kwestia winy jest sprawą drugorzędną...
      wspomniana już Arabia Saudyjska, Chiny itd. Mawiają że "life is
      cheap in Asia". Wystarczy poczytać trochę raportów Amnesty
      International. Jest np taki rodzynek jak Singapur gdzie wieszają za
      15g heroiny, a odstapienie od tej kary zdarzało się dla morderców -
      strange world. Tak praktycznie wszędzie chodzi o to samo, żeby
      terrorem zmusić ludzi do posłuszeństwa.
      • elka-sulzer Re: Tradycja 12.02.09, 04:16
        czy nie tradycja?

        1 JANUARY 1948 Lydda. 1200 hours, Jaffa. An explosion occurred in an
        Arab owned block of flats in Suq El Yehud, near Manshieh Police
        Station. The flats were completely demolished and slight damage was
        caused to the police station. Mohammed Ahmed Ismail, aged 20 of
        Manshieh Quarter, was slightly injured in the hand by glass
        splinters and was discharged after treatment. An Arab has reported
        to police that earlier he had seen four Jews carrying a barrel-
        shaped object. CO 537/3855

        1 JANUARY 1948 During the afternoon of 1 January, a bunch of Irgun
        Z'vai Leumi thugs dressed in battledress and steel helmets drove at
        speed through Jaffa and fired at Arabs sitting outside a cafe. They
        killed two and wounded nine others before crashing through an Arab
        road block and disappearing into Tel Aviv. To emphasize the illusion
        that the British are responsible for all disorder in the country,
        they were wearing the flashes of the Royal Irish Fusiliers. WO 275/64

        1 JANUARY 1948 Small party of Jews entered block of flats 40 yards
        in rear Shell Petrol Station, Jaffa, and placed a bomb which
        demolished the block of flats. So far, 1 Arab injured by flying
        debris. WO 275/64

        4 JANUARY 1948 At 12:25 p.m. two Jewish terrorists, one driving a
        truck loaded with time bombs and the other driving a jeep, both as
        usual in British uniforms, drove to the end of a lane between the
        Arab welfare and relief centre in Jaffa housing children and the
        Barclay's Bank. The truck was driven in the lane and left there, and
        the driver was picked up by the jeep driver who was waiting for him.
        As they drove away, the whole town was rocked by a powerful
        explosion and many distant buildings were damaged by the concussion.
        The welfare centre was demolished. Seventeen Arabs were killed in
        this coldblooded murderous attack and 106 were wounded. Among those
        killed and seriously wounded were women and children. (United
        Nations Security Council Official Records, Supplements - 1948).

        4 JANUARY 1948 Lydda. 1240 hours, Jaffa. The Old Serrai in Clock
        Tower Square which houses the offices of the Arab National
        Committee, was completely destroyed by an explosion which killed 15
        and injured 98 persons. Buildings nearby including Barclay's Bank,
        the Central Police Station and several shops and houses were also
        extensively damaged. Full details of how the attack was carried out
        are not yet available, but it is believed the attackers arrived at
        the scene in two vehicles? a 3-ton truck laden with orange boxes and
        a saloon car. Proceeding up Bustros Street towards Clock Tower
        Square? the truck turned left into the narrow lane between Barclay's
        Bank and the Old Serrai. The saloon car was seen to park some 20
        metres north of Central P.S. near the road leading to the port area.
        The truck was parked at a point about 20 yards along the above
        mentioned lane. Two persons, dressed as Arabs, were seen to alight
        from the truck and walk across the square. They got into the waiting
        car which drove off in the direction of the Ajami Quarter. Almost
        immediately following the departure of the car, the explosion
        occurred. Tons of masonry from the Old Serrai building completely
        blocked the land running beside it, A fire subsequently broke out in
        Barclay's Bank but was extinguished. A strong-room situated in the
        upper storey of the bank was blown in and a considerable amount of
        money was salvaged and taken into police custody. The entire area
        was wired off to facilitate salvage operations and to prevent
        looting. It is reported from TeI Aviv that Irgun Z'vai Leumi have
        claimed responsibility for this outrage. Tension has risen to a high
        pitch in Jaffa as a result of this attack, and a certain degree of
        anti-Government feeling has been expressed.

        Details of the casualties are as follows:- Dead: 1) Mohammed Abdul
        Hallak (aged 12); 2) Abudul Sattah Wahab Jaber (20); 3) Ali Kastika;
        4) Mohammed Said Abu Hassan (40); 5) Ahamad Derdanji (45); 6) Ahmad
        Hawari; 7) Yusef Abu Sheikh (25); 8) Ahmad Faris Shehadi (25); 9)
        Sa'ad Abil Majid Zein (25); 10) 15 unidentified. Injured: 1) Said
        Kheber Said (25) - serious; 2) Abed Ahmad Duknak ( 10) - serious; 3)
        Abed Mahmoud Shulayeh (17) - serious; 4) Ashraf Tewfik Lufti (28) -
        serious; 5) Naji Said Mughrabi - serious; 6) Mohammed Ibrahim
        Mughrabi - serious; 7) Taha Abu Rabah (35) - serious; 8) Mohammed
        Hassan Ibrahim (20) - serious; 9) Rasmiyeh Saba (22) - serious; 10)
        Abed Mustafe Abu Wazni (30) - serious; 11) Hishan Alami (35) - not
        serious; 12) Ibrahim Mustafa Najar (25) - not serious. All the above
        named are in the Dajani Hospital. 13) Huda Abu Labm (20) - not
        serious; 14) Said Afif Atout (19) - not serious; 15) Rafik Salami
        (27) - not serious; The above three are in the Government Hospital,
        16) Ahmad Mahmoud Taher (30) - serious; 17) Ahmad Ahmad Nel(25) -
        serious; 18) Ali Hassan Ashoura (20) - not serious; 19) Ahmad Ismail
        Abu Shabayeh (22) - not serious; 20) Rais Hassan Abu Chouleh (70) -
        not serious. The above-mentioned five are in the French Hospital.
        Seventy-eight other persons were treated in hospitals for slight
        injuries but were not detained.
        CO 537/3855

        8 JANUARY 1948 Lydda. 0245 hours, Jaffa. Unknown persons placed a
        bomb against the house of Haj Abed El Jaber Lahloub, situated at the
        western side of Beit Dajan village. The bomb exploded causing
        extensive damage to the house? but no casualties.
        CO 537/3855

        9 JANUARY 1948 Lydda. 0730 hours, Jaffa. Near Jaffa Railway Station;
        two 'buses conveying Arab railway employees to Lydda were fired upon
        from automatic weapons from Jewish houses overlooking their station.
        Hassan Hilu of Jaffa sustained a slight bullet wound in the leg, and
        two other Arabs were slightly injured by glass splinters.
        CO 537/3855

        10/11 JANUARY 1948 Gaza, 2130 hours. Shots are reported to have been
        fired from a passing vehicle into an orange grove on Sawafir Sharki
        lands near the main GadJaffa road. At 0800 hours on 11 January,
        1948, the body of a labourer, Abdul Khader Mohammed En Nasri of
        Jaffa, was found in the grove. He has sustained bullet wounds.
        CO 537/3855

        14 JANUARY 1948 Lydda. 0730 hours, Jaffa. Abdul Fattah Hassan
        Khalil, an employee of the Palestine Railways, was shot and injured
        in the foot while walking in Jaffa Railway Station. The bullet came
        from the direction of a house occupied by Jews and situated north of
        the station. He was removed to the Government Hospital, Jaffa. His
        condition is not serious. CO 537/3855

        14 JANUARY 1948 Lydda. 1000 hours, Jaffa. Two unidentified Arabs
        were shot and killed by unknown persons in Arlin Street, Manshieh
        CO 537/3855

        20 JANUARY 1948 1430 hours, Jaffa. On the Manshieh beach, Abed
        Mohammed Jerieh (25) and Khader Mohammed El Jaber (201, both of
        Manshieh, were hit by bullets fired from the direction of Tel Aviv.
        The first named was removed to the Government Hospital, Jaffa, but
        was found to be dead on arrival. Jaber was admitted to the Dajani
        Hospital in serious condition.
        CO 537/3855

        20 JANUARY 1948 1430 hours, Jaffa. On the Manshieh beach, Abed
        Mohammed Jerieh (25) and Khader Mohammed El Jaber (201, both of
        Manshieh, were hit by bullets fired from the direction of Tel Aviv.
        The first named was removed to the Government Hospital, Jaffa, but
        was found to be dead on arrival. Jaber was admitted to the Dajani
        Hospital in serious condition.
        CO 537/3855

        20 JANUARY 1948 1630 hours, Jaffa. In Salameh Road, a woman, Sisteh
        Nesrameh (33, of Jaffa, was hit in the arm by a bullet fired from
        the direction of Tel Aviv. She was admitted to the Government
        Hospital, Jaffa. Her condition is not serious.
        CO 537/3855

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