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30.04.22, 18:43
To jest dosyc niesamowite. Prawde mowiac zatkalo mnie. 2% od obrotu i koniec. TYLKO 2%. Raj podatkowy.
Europa nie chce Ukrainy w europie, to beda mieli raj podatkowy po drugiej stronie.

"First: we are starting a tax reform. Instead of VAT and income tax, we give a 2% turnover rate and simplified accounting. We set a voluntary single tax for small businesses - and this is the first and second groups of sole proprietors. Meaning please pay if you can. You can't - no questions asked."

"Second: Maximum business deregulation. We cancel all checks for all businesses so that everyone can operate normally. So that the cities come to life. So that wherever there are no hostilities, life goes on."

"There is only one condition: you ensure the normal operation of your business within the framework of Ukrainian law."

"These are just the first two steps of our tax reform.
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