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plz sprawdzcie czy dobrze napisalam ten tekst :D

Particular purposes:
· Learning and comparing ways of conservation and preservation the
monuments in Poland and in the Netherlands;
· Learning the monuments of our region and the influence of pollution
on their condition;
· Observation the connection between industry and environment;
· Presenting to local community the benefits of the “Youth” project;
· Abolishing the stereotypes, enriching the knowledge about the country
of our equals;
· Developing the abilities of cooperation with people, who are
descended from different cultures;
· Moulding he attitudes of respect and tolerance towards the cultural
and custom distinctions of other countries;
· Learning the abilities of gathering, selecting elaborating
information; preparing a file;
· Perfecting the skills in range of using the information technology
to documenting the progress of the project ( computer tooling of graphical,
phonic, film and textual materials)
· Developing skills of negotiation, presentation and defense of own

The methods
· Ecological classes
· Outdoor activities
· Observations
· Discussions
· Debates
· Project method
· “Brain storm”

The main purpose
· tightening the cooperation with equals from abroad, who are
interested in preservation the cultural and natural heritage for the future
· learning and comparing ways of counteraction the destructive
influence of pollution on the monuments in Poland and in the Netherlands
· providing for the youth from small centers and poor families the
cognition diversity of European culture
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      • Gość: ag Re: HELP!!!!!!!! TLUMACZENIE !!! IP: * 24.03.05, 02:08
        stosujesz polskie zasady gramatyczne w angielskiej wersji jezykowej. topornie to brzmi. np.powinno
        byc:presenting the benefits of... to the local community. pamietaj o THE :);
        knowledge of, nie about;
        developing the abilities TO COOPERATE i nie wstawiaj przecinka po people, bo to zmienia sens;
        country of our equals?? co mialas na mysli? bo to zupelnie nie brzmi;
        learning the methods of, albo learning how to gather, etc;
        punkt perfecting the skills... zupelnie nie ma sensu. sprobuj przerobic i moze zamiast wciskac
        wszystko w jedno zdanie, sprobuj uzyc dwoch, dla wiekszej jasnosci;
        defence of one's own opinion, albo adn the ways of defending one's own opinion;
        brain storming; to byc moze nawet jest jedno slowo a nie dwa, sprawdz dla pewnosci;
        w punktach dot. purpose, uzyj konstrukcji to+verb, e.g: to tighten, to learn, etc.;
        takze: to provide the cognition of diversity of the european culture to the youth from...., albo: to
        develop the awareness of diversity...
        tyle na szybko, pozdrawiam i powodzenia

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