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Famous half-Poles/ part Poles

20.04.06, 14:04
... like Bonnie Prince Charlie, for instance?
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          • ianek70 Re: Famous half-Poles/ part Poles 20.04.06, 17:11
            usenetposts napisał:

            > ianek70 napisał:
            > > In 1719 Prince James Stuart married Clementine, granddaughter of Johnny
            > > Sobieski. He then poagered her and lo! A bonnie baby prince was born unto
            > them.
            > Cool! I had no idea he was Polish.

            All European royal families are so inbred that every prince or princess alive
            today could probably claim Sobieski as an ancestor.
            Sociologists call it 'class solidarity', but if your gene pool consists of 114
            cousins, then after a few generations you end up with Prince Charles' ears or
            Princess Di's brain.
    • ms.jones Re: Famous half-Poles/ part Poles 20.04.06, 21:17
      king Canute, his mother was a daughter of Mieszko I

      the Warner brothers
      Juliette Binoche
      Scarlett Johansson
      Stanley Kubrick
      Sidney Pollack
      Tracey Ullman
      Stephanie Powers

      Polish born Jews, lots eg Arthur Rubinstein and Isaak Singer.
        • ejmarkow Re: Famous half-Poles/ part Poles 30.04.06, 15:32
          It has been said that Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, the great Russian composer, has
          Polish roots. He mentioned this in a letter to Nadezhda von Meck. Tchaikovsky
          wrote that his name was Polish and his ancestors were "probably Polish."
          (Wikipedia) Can anyone shed more light on this?

          Also, according to a book review in today's NY Times, Stephen Walsh states:

          "The Stravinsky (Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky) family, like the name, is Polish,
          a fact which needs to be stressed in view of recent and perfectly
          understandable attempts by Kiev scholars to claim Stravinsky as a Ukrainian of
          Cossack lineage. The so-called Soulima-Stravinskys are more accurately
          described as "Strawinscy Herbu Sulima," to adopt for the moment the old Polish
          spelling of the two names: that is, the Strawinscy family with the Sulima coat-
    • ejmarkow Re: Famous half-Poles/ part Poles 01.05.06, 07:57
      The famous Russian dancer Vaslav Fomich Nijinsky [Pol. Wacław Niżyński](1890-
      1950), has the reputation of being the greatest male dancer in history.

      Born in Kiev, Russia, on February 28, 1890, Vaslav was the 2nd son of Fomich
      and Eleanora Nijinsky, Polish ballet dancers who were on tour in Russia at the
      time of his birth.
    • ejmarkow Re: Famous half-Poles/ part Poles 01.05.06, 08:40
      "Denounced by Stalin in 1936, Russia's greatest 20th-century composer, Dmitri
      Shostakovich, became a tortured soul for his remaining 40 years. Of huge
      intellect and emotion, he had to struggle to maintain his integrity in the face
      of the state's watchful eyes, while managing to express his own feelings and
      those of the Russian people about life under Communism. Of Polish ancestry,
      Dmitri Shostakovich was born in St Petersburg in 1906. His father was a chemist
      and his mother a gifted musician. The composer's grandfather was a Pole,
      Boleslaw Szostakowicz, one of many Poles arrested in the 19th c. for anti-
      Czarist activities and exiled to Siberia (in 1866). The composer's father,
      Dimitri, moved to Petersburg in 1897 where he met and married a Russian student
      (also from Siberia) who studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory in hope of
      becoming a concert pianist."
          • ianek70 Patriot? Ha ha ha 03.05.06, 13:38
            marimax napisał:

            > I hope the great polish patriot Mr.Kobylanski will become the next Paragway
            > prime minister

            The same Kobylański who has patriotically lived thousands of kilometres from
            Poland for half a century, but continues to inflict damage on his former
            homeland by sponsoring the divisive and irritating Radio Maryja?


            I think South America is bored with fascist wankers by now.
    • ja_karola Re: Famous half-Poles/ part Poles 19.05.06, 02:52
      There is of course Guillaume Apollinaire (or rather Wilhelm Apolinaris
      Kostrowicki) - son of a Polish aristocrat and a Russian officer.

      Joseph Conrad although he wasn't half, but a full-fledged Pole. As a matter of
      fact he left Poland at the age of 17, which only proves how ingenious he must
      have been given that he wrote in English.

      BTW, Micheal Klim (or Michal as I knew him) is also a full-fledged Pole. We
      sat at the same desk in elementary school in Gdynia, Poland. He left with his
      family at the age of 10 or 11. They went to Germany before settling in
      Australia. My family followed soon after, but to Canada...

      Oh yes, and Martha Stewart is truly Polish. She apparently makes the best
      babkas on Earth or so Larry King would have us believe.
    • ja_karola Re: Famous half-Poles/ part Poles 20.05.06, 17:47
      I have more to add:
      Mikolaj Kopernik (Copernicus) and Jan Heweliusz (an astronom)
      Tadeusz Kosciuszko and Kazimierz Pulaski (both national American heroes)
      Ignacy Lukasiewicz - inventor of the kerosene lamp (until then (1853) people
      were still using candles). He created the lighting kerosene.
      Tamara de Lempicka - born as Maria Gorska in Warsaw. Painter of the Art Deco
      era. Her paintings are amazing! Check them out at:
      Balthus - Baltazar Klossowski de Rola - son of Polish artistocrats. One of the
      greatest painters of the XX century. His paintings are currently reaching the
      highest prices in the world. OF course the French, as they hava been known to
      do with other great Poles (e.g., Sklodowska-Curie, Chopin), appropriate him as
      a French artist).
      Pola Negri - born Apolonia Chalupiec - a silent films goddess. Hitler
      apparently cried at her movies, Goebbels, for some reason, wanted to destroy
      her and Charlie Chaplin fell in love with her.
      Helena Modrzejewska (aka Modjeska) - one of the greatest theatre actresses in
      the USA.
      Ralph Modjeski - her son - known as the greatets American Bridge Builder.
      You can find out more about this fascinating engineer at:

      Modjeski's Major Accomplishments Include:
      Thebes Bridge over the Mississippi River at Thebes, Illinois - opened in 1904
      Benjamin Franklin Bridge between Philadelphia and Camden, New Jersey - opened
      in 1926
      (Considered Modjeski's greatest achievement)
      Tacony-Palmyra Bridge over the Delaware River in Northeast Philadelphia -
      opened in 1929
      Trans-Bay Bridge between San Francisco and Oakland, California - opened in 1936
      Blue Water Bridge connecting Port Huron, Michigan with Sarnia, Ontario, Canada -
      opened in 1938

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