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peace, love and bananas

IP: * 29.01.05, 14:49
mam problem ze zwrotem 'peace, love and bananas', wiem mniej więcej co
znaczy, ale poszukuję polskiego odpowiednika (do tłumaczenia) i nie bardzo
mam jakiś pomysł

będę wdzięczna za dokładniejsze wytłumaczenia i wszelkie sugestie ^_^
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          • Gość: ms jones Re: peace, love and bananas IP: * 30.01.05, 16:53
            It's actually true - now I get it! Christianity tried to spread the message,
            Nick Lowe wrote 'What's so Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding', Elvis
            Costello recorded it, and Bill Murray made it funny and poignant (some say)
            with his karaoke version in "Lost in Translation." But the man to make the
            message cool, contemporary and as widespread as the Oasis' fans is Noel
            Gallagher (spelled Gallagher :P) I was fascinated to see a real life example,
            funnily enough a posting on a different forum. I love it, it's perfect, sweet
            as a nut :)

            Topic: Van Staal Handle Problem - Any Fixes??

            The star nut on my VS150 handle keeps loosening up while fishing - not a huge
            problem but in an eight-hour day I have to tighten it up an easy dozen times -
            sometimes quite a few turns. Eventually I am going to lose the nut in the sand -
            I can see it coming. I don't want to lok-tite it because I like turning the
            handle in for packing the reel; I don't want to drill a set screw into the nut
            because it seems like a crime. Any options? Any suggesitons?

            Peace, love, and bananas.

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