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high maintenance

23.04.05, 20:03
co to wlasciwie znaczy? w jednym odcinku "friends" rachel sie poklocila z
monika zarzucajac jej, ze jest high maintenance, a tamta sie bardzo oburzyla
i mowila, ze nie jest. wiecie moze? w gugulu nie znajduje odpowiedzi na to
Obserwuj wątek
    • ms.jones Re: high maintenance 23.04.05, 21:31
      facetka o wymagajacej osobowosci
      gives off a I'm-a-diva vibe

      > w gugulu nie znajduje odpowiedzi na to
      > pytanie.

      • hopik Re: high maintenance 23.04.05, 22:07
        w takim razie za co sie obrazac? wymagajaca osobowaosc to raczej zaleta?
        tyle to ja sobie w gugulu tez znalazlam, dzieki:-) nie ma tam opisu co to
        dokladnie znaczy, chcialabym sie dowiedziec od kogos kto dobrze wie co to
        znaczy, najlepiej kogos, kto mieszka a anglojezycznym kraju.
        • deadeasy Re: high maintenance 23.04.05, 22:58
          Dla mnie to znaczy ze trzeba "naokolo niej biegac". Osoba taka wymaga "constant
          attention". W pewnych wypadkach moze to tez znaczyc, ze dziewczyna jest "droga
          w utrzymaniu" (czasowo, uczuciowo i materialnie) - facet tak moze powiedziec o
          swojej dziewczynie.
    • ms.jones Re: high maintenance 23.04.05, 23:47
      Jak wyzej.
      High maintenance women need attention, appreciation and affection.

      cytat z forum na googlu:
      "There are different types of high maintenace and varying degrees. I also would
      consider myself high maintenance in some areas and absolutely not at all in
      others. Are you talking more physically or emotionally? For instance ... would
      you consider someone high maintenance because she requires a call every day or
      an e-mail, is constantly reading into what you say or because you were always
      having to keep reassuring her how you felt about her? Or is it more along the
      lines of taking 2 hours to get ready, never goes out without full makeup,
      spends $60 every two weeks on her nails or walks her dog in short skirt and
      high heels..."

      Tu masz 'Top 10 Signs She's High Maintenance' (rozwiniete w artykule ponizej):

      1. She needs to be in control
      2.She is socially inept
      3.She is difficult to please
      4.She doesn't know the meaning of sacrifice
      5.She's not comfortable with herself
      6.She never pays for a thing
      7.She has irrational demands
      8. Going out is like the countdown to eternity
      9.She's daddy's girl
      10.She's unfair
      Jest sie o co obrazac?
    • kylie1 Re: high maintenance 23.04.05, 23:52
      It means that she spends too much money on herself or has others to pay for all
      her wants and needs.
      My daughter is high maintenance...unfortunately :( ...she has hair and nails
      done twice a month, she goes to the gym and tanning three times a week, she
      won't wear anything other than brand name expensive stuff, shoes under a
      hundred bucks does not even exists in her dictionary and make up has to be
      right up there with the styles of the rich and famous. Thank God she pays for
      all that HERSELF and as a student that gets her broke in no time.
      That's in a nutshell what high maintenance means.
      • kaya11 Re: high maintenance 24.04.05, 00:16
        I have no idea why - whoever is writing about somebody who is high maintenance -
        they are refering to a girl or a woman. Guys can be high maintenance too ! It
        doesn't only mean that you have to pay for somebody, but also that that person
        thinks they are the centre of the world...
        • pc4u Re: high maintenance 24.04.05, 00:38
          Dear Mama,
          How do I spot a high maintenance man? I think the guy I’m dating may be high
          maintenance. Help!
          - Worried

          Dear Worried,
          You know, a high maintenance guy is not nearly so much fun as a high
          maintenance gal. Where do I begin? From the way I take my tea, in a slightly
          warmed cup, to the manicures, the highlights… oh, I could go on. I think high
          maintenance women are really fun. Why? There is always something a man can do
          to add to our happiness, whether it’s a new lip gloss, or a massage, or picking
          us up, rather than meeting us there. Now, frankly, I am not sure if you are
          talking about a man who is high maintenance, or a man who is difficult to
          train. In other words, if he has a lot of lovely little details he insists on
          for a high quality of life, like 400-thread count cotton sheets instead of
          polyester blend, that is not a problem. In fact, that will add, overall, to
          your quality of life. But if he always wants you to take care of him, or serve
          him, or do things for him, rather than the other way around, I would reevaluate
          him. He may be a training challenge.

          The way a relationship works the best is when a woman is getting everything she
          wants. When a man serves a woman, the relationship flies. When a woman serves a
          man, the relationship tanks. So, if he is high maintenance, but willing to add
          to your happiness and make you happy, keep him! That’s wonderful. And if he is
          high maintenance and selfish… never interested in you, or what you want, you
          may want to shop around and see what other men are out there. The bottom line:
          be fun! If you’re having a good time with this man, even if he is a high
          maintenance training challenge, go for the ride. You can practice your training
          skills until a better one comes along!

          Yours in training…
          • kylie1 Re: high maintenance 24.04.05, 00:50
            I like that write up! :)
            A high maintenance guy?....let's we go into dresser...lip gloss
            next to a tanning lotion, next to a hair to a cuticle
            clipper...oh, and look what do we have in here?...little breast pads...only
            size AA /85, but at least he is trying - gotta give the guy a credit! Well,
            well, well, and what's over here?...high heels! No wonder he twisted his ankle
            twice last week! Still, you need to give him a break, he is trying sooooo
            hard! :)
          • deadeasy Re: high maintenance 24.04.05, 00:53
            next time just give us the link...

        • kylie1 Re: high maintenance 24.04.05, 00:41
          I am writing about a teenage girl because she happens to be a female. Guys can
          be high maintenance as well but women outdo them as far as that goes hands
          down. And yes, teenagers do like to consider themselves center stage.
          • kaya11 Re: high maintenance 24.04.05, 09:32
            You guys still don't get a point.
            High maintenance DOES NOT mean paying for somebody's stuff, or requiring lots of
            accessories. It may also mean personality. Somebody high maintenance may make
            you comply, always do things they want to do, lower your self-esteem and make
            you feel second best. My ex-husband was high maintenance and that's why I left
            him. He didn't need a lot of lip gloss :))
            • hopik Re: high maintenance 24.04.05, 12:51
              any ideas for the polish equivalent??
              • kaya11 Re: high maintenance 24.04.05, 19:56
                That's really hard to translate. The major difference between the two languages
                is that usually what you can say in English using one or two words equals one or
                two sentences in Polish. I don't know...
            • kylie1 Re: high maintenance 24.04.05, 20:38
              I do get the point, Kaya. You got hung up on one thing about having to pay for
              someone else's expensive tastes. If a guy is going out with a high maintenace
              woman, he WILL be forking out the money for her expensive demands.Unless she
              has money than she can burn, that's always ben like that.

              As far as I know high maintenance is not a personality trait but it's all about
              money.I don't agree with you on that.

              Sorry to hear about your ex. Hard to even imagine that!
              • ms.jones Re: high maintenance 24.04.05, 21:54
                I think you two are just talking about two very different aspects of h.m. that
                don't have to go together.
                I can see why you say that being high maintenance is not a personality trait;
                appreciating the finer things in life is a sign of a refined taste and
                sophistication - if not a healthy bank balance.
                On the other hand the constant need for attention or control etc speaks volumes
                of insecurity and damage that you cant divorce from personality. Someone (male
                or female) who is a constant drain on your own emotional
                resources/time/patience is definitely 'high maintenance' without money
                necessarily coming into it.
                • kylie1 Re: high maintenance 24.04.05, 23:09
                  I still don't see how the "high maintenance" phrase in itself should translate
                  into a control issue, emotional drain or insecurity. I guess it can be a sign
                  of all that but I think it's reading too much into it. I am just sticking to
                  the meaning of the phrase itself. I know plenty of people that are high
                  maintenance but they are not control feaks, insecure individuals, a drain on
                  their own bank accounts or their spouses. It's a quick assumption that does not
                  always ring true with regards to that phrase.
                  Sorry guys. You still don't have me convinced. :)
                  • ms.jones Re: high maintenance 24.04.05, 23:32
                    Maybe these will sway you?

                    female example:
                    I’ve only been in one monogamous relationship my entire life, and that one has
                    the definate possibility of being a poly relationship. After a lifetime of
                    introspection every time the green-eyed monster bit, I've gotten to the point
                    where I don't feel jealous anymore. For me, jealousy was always the mask to
                    cover feelings of insecurity. I have a pretty deep emotional need to be the
                    best of the best. I was a gifted child, in all the advance placement classes,
                    and I am painfully competitive. If I can’t be the best at something right away,
                    I have no interest in it. Loosing makes me see red and work even harder. I have
                    a hard time admitting, even to myself, that I feel insecure. Jealousy was an
                    easy way for me to not deal with my feelings of insecurity, a way to bypass
                    admitting to myself that I was terrified that someone I loved would leave me
                    for someone else because I wasn’t good enough. At this point in my life I don’t
                    dwell much on jealousy. I feel it, acknowledge it, and then dig deeper to see
                    if I’m feeling insecure. Most the time, that takes care of the jealousy issue,
                    although that brings up another, trickier issue. How do I effectively
                    communicate with my partner that I am feeling insecure, and what can they do
                    about it? Simply venting isn't effective communication, although that can help
                    a lot sometimes. How can I deal with this in a way that is healthy, and
                    strengthens the relationship?

                    I’m not a terribly high maintenance woman. I don’t demand a lot of dinners out,
                    a lot of money spent on me, or that my significant others drop all their
                    friends and social activities to spend more time with me. The only way that I
                    am high-maintenance is that I need a LOT of reassurance, and when I'm not
                    getting enough I am a lot more prone to feeling jealous and insecure and in
                    general, I get pretty weird. I am convinced that, if given the opportunity, my
                    significant others will forget about me, not want to be with me

                    male example:
                    Larry Brown is a great coach. He is great because he always worries that his
                    team will fall apart; he will stop in the middle of any drill to correct a
                    mistake. He is great because he always thinks he can make anybody better.

                    Larry Brown is incredibly high-maintenance. He is high-maintenance because he
                    always worries that his team will fall apart; he needs to be reminded
                    constantly about his value. He is high-maintenance because he always thinks he
                    can make his team better, and in any given week he will suggest trading half
                    his players.

                    The way I see it, any single characteristic that is a continuous drain on
                    others can put a person in the high maintenance category - with respect to that

                    • kylie1 Re: high maintenance 25.04.05, 00:24
                      OK, I see where you're coming from but that's totally different.Let me show you
                      how different:

                      The coach is high maintenance because he wants to get the most out of his
                      players and he pushes them to the limits. In other words he expects a lot to
                      out of them to maintain the HIGHest STANDARDS. A lot of coaches are like that
                      and this is a GOOD thing (talk about pep talk!).This does not relate to money
                      self centerediness or is the result of some insecurity.

                      In her case, she is almost apologetic about her jealousy issue and self doubt.
                      She clearly states that she is not a high maintenance the line "I
                      am not a terribly high m...". Now she carries on by saying that the only "high
                      maintenance" issue she has is not with the $$$ but with feelings...that's
                      where she needs to be constatnly assured that everything's OK.In other words "I
                      am not asking much, I am not costing you anything - just keep reassuring me
                      that there is no reason for my jealousy".

                      Again, Miss Jones :) it's just a parallel she is using. The fact that she has
                      an emotional issue with jealousy to begin with has nothing to do with the
                      phrase itself and I think this excerpt really shows that to sway your opinion.

                      To make the long story short, high maintenance here means a high demand for

                      Going by your example, I might say:

                      "My kid loves having his dad read to him every night. They have gone through so
                      many books I lose count. He is really high maintenance when it comes to

                      Now, are we testing the kid's personality in a negative way?

                      He likes to be read to. Good for him.

                      In all the examples, there is a pre-existing situation that gives the phrase a
                      different meaning but all are realted.

                      The phrase alone still means what I explained before.

                      Not swayed...sorry.. :))
                      • ms.jones Re: high maintenance 25.04.05, 01:04
                        1.bloody hell!
                        2. I'm seriously thinking about changing the stupid name
                        3. just like you, the first association she came up with was to do with £££ :)
                        but she wrongly assumes that she's not costing him anything - she want him to
                        PAY :D her enough attention to allay her insecurity in the relationship (and
                        hence in herself). This must be a drain on him and puts a damper on his
                        behaviour/interaction with other women. She may not see herself as high
                        maintenance but he will and she as good as admits it. So it's not a parallel.It
                        is not her intention to be h.m. she is the way she is, can't help herself, but
                        it must be at some cost to him, all be it not a material one.

                        If a kid likes to have his dad read to him a lot, that's great. They are
                        bonding, the kid's learning, his keen mind is stimulated, he goes to sleep
                        without arguments, and he'll go on to be a high achiever in school and do his
                        parents proud. The dad is happy to invest his time, effort and energy - it fits
                        in with his script of how to be a good dad and bring up a great kid. Everyone's

                        High maintenance comes in when one of the interested parties is 'asked'/put in
                        a position where they have to give more than they are comfortable with. H.m. is
                        not intrinsic to the 'actor' - they go about their life as they see fit - but
                        it's how s/he is perceived by others who find that interacting with them
                        involves more than they bargined for.

                        To hell with the coach.

                        • kylie1 Re: high maintenance 25.04.05, 07:43
                          1. OK....bloody hell what? :)
                          2. what's wrong with that name?
                          3. You got me totally confused now. I give up. I am high "maintenanced out" for

                          Kind regards to all

                          • sweet_auburn Re: high maintenance 25.04.05, 09:26
                            I think she got p*** off because either she couldn't convince you or you called
                            her Miss. And she probably has been a little bit older and married with one of
                            those dashing British gentelmen, who gleefully bestowed the title of his
                            own: "Sir Jones" or "His Majesty", the one at which women gaze in awe. You
                            know, those with strutting British manner, in meticulous dress, leggings,
                            britches and with carefully powdered hair. Those who entirely reflect the
                            heritage of ruling class and who used to arouse and spread fear of monarchy in
                            eighteenth century in the U.S. Not any chips and fish or whatever the hell they
                            call it.
                            Well, any way, what do I know.
                            • hopik how about... 25.04.05, 13:48
                              how about "trzeba wokół niej/niego skakać" as a translation?
                            • kylie1 Re: high maintenance 25.04.05, 20:39
                              I don't think Ms Jones sounded antything pissed off. :) I have a relative in my
                              own family that's married to an English Lord. Never met him or cared enough to
                              meet him. I wouldn't know what to do in case of an accidental burp, belch or
                              wind passing (you know, the one they call a "slipper").How about an emergency
                              nose picking? If those things were to happen around The Serene Highness, I
                              could easily hurt His feelings. I would hate that!
                              Fish and chips are great. I love cod or sole smothered in beer batter. Nice and

                              • ms.jones Re: high maintenance 25.04.05, 21:51
                                I've just lost my whole answer when I know I was logged on! And it doesn't show
                                the post I'm replying to, grrr...

                                Kylie1 :)

                                1. I was part impressed with what you posted, part annoyed as I could see
                                myself getting drawn in instead doing some (boring) paperwork. Just mumbling to
                                myself, didn't mean to be rude, sorry if it sounded like that.
                                2. identity crisis?
                                3. Asked about the phrase at work today. They'd all use it to mean what you
                                said - someone who spends a lot of money on themselves and/or gets others to to
                                pay for their expensive taste. They agreed that there was more to it but the
                                first interpretation was uppermost in their minds, along the lines:

                                My youngest daughter=high maintenance.
                                Always hitting me up for cash for:tanning salon, special nail treatments, skin
                                treatments, hair treatments etc. etc. ad nauseam--2 or 3x a month.

                                So on second thoughts I wondered if I confused it with 'she is hard work' but
                                later today I found the only dictionary definition:

                                requiring excessive attention: requiring an excessive amount of attention or
                                effort to maintain e.g:
                                a high-maintenance car
                                a high-maintenance relationship

                                requires a lot of work. Generally referring to a relationship in which the
                                other person is needy or greedy.

                                Woman to husband "I've hit the wall. If I stay low-maintenance any longer, I'm
                                going to scream." (Fr Pardon My Planet)

                                Is there a synonym for "low maintenance" in this context? The closest I can
                                come is "economical," which doesn't quite fit for one reason or another.

                                "Low maintenance" here means that she does not require that her husband spend a
                                lot of effort trying to please her and does not give him a hard time about
                                things. Or, it could refer to her appearance as well. That is, she doesn't
                                spend a lot of time and effort on make-up and such. On the flip side, there is
                                the "high maintenance" woman who is just the opposite.
                                The question "is there a synonym?" I think must be answered No. It takes 6 to 8
                                words minimum to encompass all the facets of "high maintenance." Self-involved,
                                vain, expensive, demanding, materialistic, blah blah blah ... that's just the
                                beginning. It's really a rich phrase.

                                And from a random website:

                                When I first heard the term “high maintenance” (in Philadelphia in the late
                                1980s), it signified a very specific type of woman. (Never used for men.) A
                                glossy, beautiful, flawlessly made-up blonde obsessed with appearance and
                                appearances, requiring enormous amounts of money to fuel her look and
                                lifestyle. A trophy wife.
                                Later the term (as I heard it used) was extrapolated to include people who made
                                selfish, unreasonable demands for other kinds of currency, including
                                compliments, gifts, attention, and affection. The kind of person for whom
                                nothing is ever enough, who says, “If you don’t know what’s wrong, I’m
                                certainly not going to tell you.”

                                So it's back to square one for me. As for translation, can you say a woman
                                is 'kosztowna do utrzymania'? In the broader meaning 'trzeba sie duzo przy niej
                                (nim)nabiegac/naskakac' seems fine to me. I'm high maintenanced out now...

                                • kylie1 Re: high maintenance 26.04.05, 01:09
                                  Don't worry, I have my e-mail disappear in virtual heaven too. Not very often
                                  but it still happens. Something tells me computers won't take over any time

                                  Glad we got that settled. :) :)

                                  I am done on that issue.

                                  You got a high maintenance kid too?
                                  So very sorry to hear that. In fact I should be looking for H.M Daughters
                                  Anonymous meetings in my neighborhood and real quick too. They are a pain in
                                  the neck! At least she is not dipping into my wallet but it just gets on your
                                  nerves so much...


                              • sweet_auburn Re: high maintenance 25.04.05, 21:57
                                Maybe that was a kind of abrupt calling her pissed but since I have been
                                hanging around, I've never seen her writing a curse or being a bit angry.

                                But any way, if it comes to fish and chips I have no clue how they taste like
                                but if they go with beer batter I think I would like it. I like pretty much
                                everything that goes with any alcohol.
                                • kylie1 Re: high maintenance 26.04.05, 01:12
                                  I will tell you what these taste like....heaven!!! Just try it. But remember
                                  the batter needs to be nice and crispy and hot! Balsamic vinegar to sprinkle it
                                  with and a wedge of lemon on the side. MMMmmmmmmm
                                  • ms.jones Re: high maintenance 26.04.05, 19:46
                                    I've never heard of beer batter, until now that is. Do you have a good recipe
                                    (there's too many on google) as long as it doesn't require deep frying?
                                    • nasza_maggie Re: high maintenance 27.04.05, 00:31
                                      jones, ever heard of battered snickers or mars bars?
                                      They eat them up in Edinburgh :)))
                                      • ms.jones Re: high maintenance 27.04.05, 01:33
                                        only vaguely... deep fried ice-cream? Whatever next???
                                        In Edinburgh you say? Slightly out of my way at the moment but I'll give them a
                                        try if they sell them at Tesco's.
                                    • kylie1 Re: high maintenance 27.04.05, 00:50
                                      Well, Beer Batter Fish and chips is supposed to be a British staple. Or so I
                                      Unfortunately (for you) it is deep fried and that's why it tastes so good.

                                      The easiest recipe:
                                      Something tells me you don't hang around fish and chips joints that
                                      I right? I stopped counting inches around my waist a long time ago. I am too
                                      old for that.
                                      Mind you, you can always pan fry the fish but I don't think it will be as
                                      • ms.jones Re: high maintenance 27.04.05, 01:49
                                        Thanks! I'll try it out (- deep frying)
                                        Sure,fish and chips are as British as and chips (with salt and vinegar,
                                        and a fine dish it is too), but beer batter? I thought it was an Aussie
                                        improvement:) Don't know.
                                        Last year I did some voluntary work which involved cooking for about 100
                                        people. We had food donated by shops and charities but on the last day we were
                                        running low except for a few basic ingredients like potatoes, cabbage etc.
                                        Someone had a brilliant idea to make an old fashioned bubble-and-squeak, and
                                        bread-and-butter pudding (with brioche donated by Harrods) Both were wonderful
                                        esp b-a-b as anything involving custard is!
                                        • kylie1 Re: high maintenance 27.04.05, 09:39
                                          You are welcome. :)
                                          Wow, cooking for a hundred people? Sounds like a Russian Army to me!
                                          I've heard of a bread and butter pudding but I have no clue what bubble and
                                          squeak pudding is. Does it have a bubble gum flavor or something? And I guess
                                          it squeaks (?) when you eat it...? If it's an old fashioned recipe, it can't be
                                          bubble gum, I am sure. Can you imagine Queen Victoria moving her jaws while
                                          chomping on a wad of chewing gum?
                                          I like custard a lot so if you have an easy recipe for me, I'll gladly use it.
                                          That would be great. :)
                                          • ms.jones bubble and squeak 28.04.05, 01:45
                                            traditional dish - basically it's 'Sunday dinner' left-overs: mashed potatoes
                                            and boiled cabbage :D They are mixed together (=bubble) and fried with some
                                            onion, supposedly squeaking during the process :) You can eat it any time you'd
                                            have left overs :)) Surprisingly nice!

                                            Custard - I buy it ready made... My mother-in-law used to make it and it was
                                            yummy. I've got 2 recipies, supposed to be good ones:

                                            Custard Sauce
                                            600ml milk
                                            1/2 vanilla pod
                                            2 tablespoons caster sugar
                                            4 egg yolks
                                            Put the milk in a saucepan with the vanilla pod and heat over very gentle heat
                                            without boiling. Remove from the heat, cover + leave to infuse for 10 min.
                                            Remove the pod + stir in the sugar.
                                            Beat the egg yolks and gradually stir in the hot milk. Pour the custard back
                                            into the pan, stir over VERY low heat until it's creamy and thickened. (enough
                                            to coat the back of a wooden spoon :) If the custard is to be used cold, pour
                                            it into a bowl and sprinkle with sugar to stop the skin forming.

                                            Simple custard sauce
                                            Mix 2 tbsp cournflour with a little milk, the sugar, egg yolks and 1 teaspoon
                                            natural vanilla essence to make a smooth thin paste. Heat the remaining milk
                                            until it's just beginning to skin over, then add the cornflour mixture,
                                            stirring all the time. Pour custard back into the saucepan and bring slowly to
                                            the boil (just), stirring continuously. Simmer gently for 2 minutes. This gives
                                            a thicker pouring sauce; the cornflour stabilises the mixture by stopping it

                                            All this pouring of things out and back again sound fiddly to me, but I'm told
                                            it's quite straightforward. Anyway, if you ever try it I hope it's works.

                                            • kylie1 Re: bubble and squeak 28.04.05, 02:00
                                              I am a real bonehead sometimes! I do have custard at home. I use the Byrd's
                                              kind and it's yum. What I wanted to ask you was the recipe for the bread and
                                              butter and the bubble-and-squeak thingy. I thought bubble and squeak was the
                                              name of a pudding!
                                              Left overs? There is never any shortage of those here! :) I would have never
                                              guessed it's made from left overs.
                                              Thanks a lot. I will print it out and off to the kitchen for me. Oh wait a
                                              minute, I don't have any left overs...I have teenagers. I guess that explains

                                              Good night Ms Jones, it must be late in England right now! :)

                                              • ms.jones Re: bubble and squeak 28.04.05, 02:02
                                                Sugar! 1.02 am!
                                                • ms.jones Re: bubble and squeak 28.04.05, 02:03
                                                  What time is it where you are?
                                                  • kylie1 Re: bubble and squeak 28.04.05, 02:28
                                           are all gone - no dinner cooking!

                                                  • ms.jones Re: bubble and squeak 28.04.05, 21:06
                                                    Stuck in the past ;) but looking on the bright side it must be nice to have a
                                                    window into the future.

                                                    bread and butter pudding recipe

                                                    but it's for 8-10 people. My book recipe for 4 gives the ingredients as
                                                    8 slices of buttered white bread (without the crust and cut into 4 squares)
                                                    50g raisins
                                                    2 eggs
                                                    3 tablespoons caster sugar
                                                    1/2 teaspoon natural vanilla essence
                                                    600 ml milk
                                                    grated rind of one lemon

                                                    You alternate layers of buttered bread and risins/lemon rind. Beat eggs with
                                                    sugar, vanilla and milk. Pour over bread, leave to stand for 15 min. Sprinkle a
                                                    little sugar over the top and bake at 180 C for 45 min or until it's set and
                                                    golden brown.
                                                  • kylie1 Re: bubble and squeak 28.04.05, 23:15
                                                    Got it, thanks!
    • nasza_maggie examples of high maintenance women 25.04.05, 21:56
      Victoria Beckham (little talent, big spending demand - does she earn it

      Can guys be high maintenance??? I'm not so to maintain something,
      don't you have to pay for it??? I always thought this term concerned women and
      their gifts etc. being paid for, by men.
      Maybe I'm wrong:)

      If you have any other examples, post them.
      • kylie1 Re: examples of high maintenance women 26.04.05, 01:14
        Victoria Backham - little talent, little brain but big $$$ :)
        • kaya11 Re: examples of high maintenance women 26.04.05, 03:03
          I give up on you kylie. I can see that there is no way I can convince you but I
          still stand my grounds. I talk from experience not from a dictionary, I heard
          the expresion "high maintenance" personality in so many situations, movies ect.
          that it would be unfair to tell the people who are learning Ebglish that this
          expression is only about $$$. If you want the proof, google "high maintenance
          personality" and it will link you to a quiz, where they will ask you questions like:
          - do you get upset when your mate misses your birthday ?
          - do you expect things how you want them and when you want them ?
          - do YOU decide when to have sex with your mate ?
          and so on and so forth...
          That obviously proves my point that it's NOT ONLY about money.
          • axxolotl Re: examples of high maintenance women 26.04.05, 03:28
            I'm with kaya here. I think high maintenance refers not only to money, but
            also to personality. A high maintenance woman is one (in my opinion) that not
            only demands gifts, dinners etc. but also time and attention. Mowiac po
            ludzku ;), ciagle trzeba kolo takiej 'skakac' zeby ja zadowolic.
            Can men be high maintenance? Sure they can, especially if you use 'high
            maintanance' to refer to personality. My ex was high maintenance (hence he's
            an ex!!). Nie tylko trzeba bylo kolo tego 'skakac', ale wrecz obchodzic sie
            jak ze smierdziacym jajkiem. If that's not high maintenance, I don't know what
            • kaya11 Re: examples of high maintenance women 26.04.05, 03:34
              axxoloti ! Let's form a support group for women coming out of the relationships
              with high maintenance guys ! Who else is in ?
              Masz racje - precz ze smierdzacymi jajkami !!!!
              • sweet_auburn Re: examples of high maintenance women 26.04.05, 22:18
                I can't be in because I'm not coming out of any relationship. But I let myself
                neatly capture the general idea of yours. I came up with a phrase that could be
                your war cry.
                "to hell with stinky balls;
                set your new life goals"
                How about that? Sucks?
          • kylie1 Re: examples of high maintenance women 26.04.05, 03:44
            > I give up on you kylie
            Too bad.

            Personality insecurities were already discussed between me and Ms Jones.
            Please, go a few posts back and have a look.

            YOU wrote that hm person "person thinks they are the centre of the world"...

            and they want to:

            "lower your self-esteem and make you feel second best".

            That I don't agree with, and I pointed it out before. Now, you are bringing in
            the issue of EMOTIONAL high maintenace.

            I am done with the high maintenance issue.

            Don't lose sleep over that.
            • kaya11 kylie please, don't read it 26.04.05, 04:40
              high maintenance can be both : financial and emotional.
              I read a lot about psychology and learned that "high maintenance" in people is a
              form of control. If somebody is insecure about themselves, they begin to treat
              their partner in a very demanding way and try to wrap them around their little
              finger. This lowers the partner's self esteem.
              Well, I'll say no more not to get on kylie's nerves anymore.
    • gruppenfuhrer_wolf Re: high maintenance 26.04.05, 05:51
      For me, high maintenance has an emotional aspect, mostly. They are both female
      and male. It has to do with having to constantly reassure the person that
      he/she is worthy, smart, etc. It has to do with meeting demands of that person,
      such as: why did you bring me yellow flowers, yellow means blah,blah,blah, I
      like red flowers, only red flowers mean blah,blah,blah. Being with a high
      maintenance person means tip-toting around her/him, because you never know what
      will set them off. Sure it could be financial, but it usually goes back to some
      emotional insecurity and perceived high crime commited by the low maintenance
      Disclaimer: I'm NOT bitter about high maintenance people, some of them are my
      closest family and friends. I embrace them all, some of them I would just like
      to embrace more, WAY more, tightly than others...
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