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Anyone willing to contribute? :)

13.09.05, 11:12
Hello guys!

I'm a young (lol) English teacher. I'm currently working on my diploma work
which investigates the role of personality factors and anxiety states in
second language learning.

To explore the issue in question I've designed a neat questionnaire and I
hope for enthusiastic response from you guys. My ambitious aim is to find a
sample of like 100 respondents - in order for the findings to be

To cut the long story short: I NEED YOUR HELP. Here are some requirements you
have to meet:

1. Your mother tongue is NOT English
2. You learn (or learned in the past) English as a Second Language in a
classroom environment (a private or public school)

To convince you even more, I'll tell you that there are no open-ended
questions, just 30 questions/statements of multiple choice type, so the whole
project will not be time-consuming for you. Needless to say, you will remain
anonymous and the information I will gather will only be used for the purpose
of my thesis.

So, everyone interested email me and I will tell you what to do.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation :)
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