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07.01.06, 07:09
by: myscreennamereallysucks (25/M/New Orleans) 01/07/06 12:25 am
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Please, city officials, do NOT demolish these houses. Why? Because if you do,
the blacks will immediately MOVE BACK and the ninth ward will once again be
the crime capital of the city (which makes it one of the crime capitals of
the nation).

Leave the houses right where they are (some in the MIDDLE OF STREETS!).
That's what they want, right? Let the blacks tear them down and rebuild the
houses themselves ( that will happen!). If the city doesn't tear
the houses down, they will NEVER be torn down. And frankly, I'd much rather a
junk heap of houses in the ninth ward than a newly rebuilt crime center for
blacks. So, please, listen to the black leaders and leave those houses right
where they are! lol
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