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Bioton przejmie singapurski SciGen

IP: * 02.10.05, 20:21
Szczerze mowiac jestem w szoku!!!!
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    • Gość: starycynik Re: Bioton przejmie singapurski SciGen IP: * 03.10.05, 02:33
      Ta singapurska firma ma 12.5 mln zlotych przychodu rocznie czyli 3.84 mln
      dolarow rocznie czyli 10500 dolarow dziennie. Galon benzyny to 3 dolary czyli
      firma ma utarg 3500 galonow benzyny. Do baku wchodzi 14 galonow czyli wystarczy
      jak zatankuje 250 samochodow. Tyle daje mala stacja benzynowa, ktora oprocz
      tego sprzedaje papierosy i cole. Odnosze wrazenie ze pisanie gigant
      biotechnologiczny jest pewna przesada.
      • brunoski Re: Bioton przejmie singapurski SciGen 03.10.05, 03:41
        Sydeny - Thursday - February 17: (RWE) Directors of SciGen Limited have
        announced the company has received health care registration for its insulin
        product SciLinTM in the Philippines.

        According to World Health Organisation statistics, over 2 million Filipinos are
        diagnosed as having diabetes, with a large number of the population remaining
        undiagnosed. The Philippines ranks 10th in the list of countries with the
        highest incidence of diabetes in the world.

        Preparations are well underway for the sales launch of SciLinTM in the
        Philippines to occur as soon as possible.

        SciLinTM is a second generation recombinant human insulin that SciGen has the
        exclusive rights to market in the Asia Pacific Region.

        Managing director and CEO Mark Compton said, "We are delighted with yet another
        regulatory approval for SciLinTM. This provides SciGen with not only an
        expanded market for the product, but also a real opportunity to assist in
        treating the dramatically escalating problem of diabetes amongst Filipinos."
        SciLinTM is currently registered and sold by SciGen or its partners in India,
        Vietnam and Pakistan.

        Shares of SciGen slipped 0.1c to 5.5c today.
          • brunoski Re: Bioton przejmie singapurski SciGen 03.10.05, 03:49
            9 wrzesnia

            The board of SciGen Limited (SciGen) announced the reappointment of the company
            executive vice chairman and founder Saul Mashaal Phmb, MBA, to the position of

            In addition to his CEO responsibility Mashaal will continue to be responsible
            for the business development, in and out-licensing, research and development (R
            & D) and manufacturing.

            Mashaal has more than 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry first
            with Syntex Corporation in product management and later with 3M Health &
            Sciences Sector where he had a long and successful career in various
            disciplines including clinical research and international business development.

            In 1988 he founded SciTech Genetics in Singapore and in 1999 all of SciTech
            Genetics product portfolio of BioPharmaceutical products were transferred to
            what is now SciGen. Soon after SciGen attracted major investors such as Sonic
            Healthcare and more recently Bioton. He remained the CEO of SciGen until
            September 2001 when the executive management was transferred to Australia.
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