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28.05.07, 13:11
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Two Didymos wrap slings

I've decided to 'rationalise' my sling collection due to lack of space.
I have two Didymos slings.
One is a size 2 - 270cm.
It's perfect for the cradle carry where you can breastfeed, and for the hip-
carry when your baby's a bit bigger. It's a pinky-red indio.

The other is size 4 - 370 cm. This is good for the cross carry and the
rucksack carry and if you're under a size 16 or so, the kangaroo carry and
the hip-cross carry. It's a pale blue indio.
I have one dvd with instructions, one box, and two tyeing instruction

There's lots of information about how fab they are on the website.
They use pesticide-free cotton and they're produced under ethical conditions

30 funtow za dluzszy nie wiem ile krotszy.
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