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The pronunciation of English people

IP: * 23.11.08, 02:12
Why English people do not care about their excellent language? They
articulate very badly. As a rule they say "oi" instead of "ou" -
especially in Oxford. They do not use proper tenses, they often
say "he don't" instead of "he doesn't". I always colud hear "ain't
it?" or somnethig like that instead of "isn't it?" I can give you
thousand of examples. They don't even try to speak international
version of English when they are talking to foreigners. It is very
strange. I cannot uderstand this phenomenon. I think that my English
is not the worst in the world, but I had many problems with
understanding them. Greetings for you.
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    • facet_normalny Re: The pronunciation of English people 23.11.08, 11:50
      you can think as joke, you can think as true.
      But when is talk (in english) people arround europe is everythink o'right till
      incoming english person...

      Anyway, before i arrive to england i only heard than to understand english on
      whole the world i should learn british english... cos now i can understand much
      more kind of english from all world than early.

      Just I have learned since 2 and half year and what can i say - is that true
      meaning with understand english. Maybe my grammar is not perfect (is it?) or i
      have not all dictionaries in my head, but i can understand few people from all
      countries. Mostly is not problem to understand grammar (this is for you - if you
      use proper language than you have much more chance to be understand by other
      people) but is very hard way to find what the people are talking to.
      this is my point, but im not teacher. probably jonathan will explain it much
      better as a native british
    • jonathan.oakley Re: The pronunciation of English people 24.11.08, 14:08
      The English language has many dialects which differ in
      pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar not just from each other but
      also from Standard English. If you have trouble to understand a
      native English speaker it may be because they are speaking with an
      English dialect. Though this is not always the case. Sometimes
      people like to use slang-informal English words/expressions-which,
      to a non-native English speaker, might be a challenge to follow.

      When I have travelled, I have also noticed differences when locals
      speak their own language-I guess due to some of the reasons I have
      mentioned above. China is a good example. I spoke a little Guangzhou
      dialect Cantonese and-when I was in Beijing-I found that no one
      could understand me as they mostly spoke traditional Chinese
    • aiczka Re: The pronunciation of English people 12.12.08, 22:43
      I think that it is quite naturaln, that people from UK speak their language the
      way they do. After all - this is THEIR language, the language they were taught
      by their parents etc. Why should they speak differently? Probably only in some
      better schools pronunciation is considered an issue worth noticing and
      improving. And if one has never learned it, "switching" is probably not that
      easy - it's hard to hear and understand, that the word you have been using all
      your life may be articulated differently.
      Also: how can he/she know what is the typical set of words the foreigners learn
      on their lessons?

      People who speak Polisk also speak in many different ways, often not caring too
      much for the official version of pronunciation or using dialects in some degree.
      We have bad diction, speech defects etc. We mostly understand each other well,
      because even deformed words spoken in our mother tongue are quite easy to identify.
    • seth.destructor Re: The pronunciation of English people 21.12.08, 23:08
      They do care and they do pronounce it correctly. It's their mother
      tongue, isn't it? And it is GREAT Britain and not some totalitary
      country where the goverment used to eradicate all dialectal and
      slang forms leaving only THEIR dialect. Do you know how many people
      had been killed or evicted in Poland just because they didn't want
      to speak eastern version of Polish brought by the communists?

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