01.02.06, 19:04
Spotkałam sie z ogłoszeniem o pracę w której wymagają CRB, co to jest?

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    • walesa4 Re: CRB? 01.02.06, 19:21
      The current legislation does not allow the self-employed or individuals to
      apply for a CRB check on themselves. In addition, parents who employ a nanny/au
      pair/babysitter directly cannot apply for a CRB check; however, if an agency
      supplies the nanny/au pair/babysitter, the agency is entitled to carry out a
      CRB check.

      If you are going to work as a paid employee or as a volunteer for an
      organisation and your work will bring you into contact with children or
      vulnerable adults, you may be asked to apply for a CRB check. For example, if
      you are to work as a teacher, care worker, scout & guide leader, registered
      childminder, sports coach, youth club worker, foster carer or adoptive parent.

      A CRB check may also be required for a range of other types of job or licences.
      If you have been asked to apply for a CRB check you will need to speak to the
      person who asked you to apply as they will be able to provide you with the
      application form.

      If you have been asked to apply for a CRB check, the CRB has developed a guide
      that may answer some of your questions, called Applicant’s Guide to the CRB's
      Disclosure Service (DIP 017) available in the Resource Library.

      If you are worried or concerned about what may be, or has been, revealed by
      your CRB check you can talk in confidence to the Nacro helpline. Nacro is a
      crime reduction charity that works with ex-offenders and is able to answer
      specific queries on good practice in relation to employment and offenders. (T:
      020 7840 6464 or Email helpline@nacro.org.uk ).

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