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29.11.11, 19:55
Formaldehyd jest silna trucizna.Stosowany do wyrobu żywic syntetycznych, włókien chemicznych, barwników i jako środek odkażający. Jest stosowany również jako konserwant. Jego numer jako dodatku do żywności to E 240. Jest obecny rowniez w szczepionkach.
Zakazany jest w Japoni i Szwecji.
Czytalam ostatnio jakis ekologiczny blog, gdzie osoba, ktora ten blog prowadzila wyslala zxapytanie do producentow odziezy dzieciecej z zapytaniem czy stosuja formaldehyd.
Postanowilam zrobic to samo i oto wyniki:( nie dostalam jeszcze wszystkich odpowiedzi)
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    • wiwi1 Spotty Otter 29.11.11, 20:00
      Spotty Otter to producent odziezy zimowej, maja fajne puchowe kurtki w ktorych mozna odpiac rekawy i przeksztalcic je w bezrekawnik:0
      Oto ich odpowiedz:

      Thank you for your email. Whilst our range is manufactured in our
      factories in China, all our clothing is manufactured following British
      Safety Standards. This doesn't just relate to dyes, but also the
      construction and all component parts, to ensure that it complies with all
      the relevant safety standards in Britain (i.e. no banned chemicals or
      components not suggested for children).

      Nie odpowiedzieli na pytanie czy formaldehyd jest obecy czy nie, wiec prawdopodobnie jest.
      • wiwi1 H & M 29.11.11, 20:02
        Thank you for your email and your interest in how we produce our clothing.
        We have some information available on the website under Corporate Responsibility but as your question has been regarding specific chemicals, we have requested further information.
        We will contact you again, as soon as we hear back from our technical department.
        Thank you for your interest in H&M and we wish you a pleasant day.
        • wiwi1 NEXT 29.11.11, 20:03
          Thank you for taking the time out to e-mail us.

          I am sorry about the inconveniences this may cause, but we do not have any information in regards to any toxic chemicals that we may use in our products.

          However, we do ensure our products are checked thoroughly and the materials that are used are tested before they are sent out to our customers.

          You can always order the item you are interested in and if it is not suitable you can return it back to us and we will be happy to give you a full refund for your order.

          I am sorry about any inconveniences caused.
        • wiwi1 Re: H & M 30.11.11, 15:47
          Dzisiaj dostalam maila z H & M super wiadomosc:)

          Dear Customer,

          Following your recent email to us regarding the our clothing production and any chemicals used, we have received the following reply from our technical team.

          H&M do not use Formaldehyde in our clothes. But we do have permanent press on some products that have special crinkle effect then we use other non-harmful substances. We have restrictions for Formaldehyde in all our products. These restrictions are strictest for baby and children´s wear. We always follow the strictest law in our sales countries when setting the restriction limit. We also follow the precautionary principle in our work with the restrictions. Please see our full restriction list on under “Our Responsibility/About our products/Chemical management”.

          All our dyes fulfill strict requirements about colour fastness. Some dyes bleed slightly during washing, therefore we always recommend our customers to divide their dark and light laundry.

          We hope that this is sufficient information.

          We wish you a lovely day.
      • e_elena Re: Spotty Otter 29.11.11, 20:53
        a jakie to sa British Safety Standards i kogo by o to pytac?

        Pozdrawiam serdecznie
        • wiwi1 Re: Spotty Otter 29.11.11, 20:57
          dobre pytanie:) szukalam tych british standards na necie, ale musialabym miec wiecej czasu, moze w weekend poszukam czegos o tych standardach brutyjskich.
      • a8ie Re: Spotty Otter 14.12.11, 00:11
        Myślę, że to pewne że jest :(
    • wiwi1 Mothercare 29.11.11, 20:05
      Na odpowiedz z mothercare jeszcze czekam

      I have forwarded your query to our buying team. Once I have received a
      reply I will be able to contact you to advise accordingly.

      I hope this information is of help.
    • wiwi1 Reima 29.11.11, 20:09
      Reima jest producentem odziezy zimowej, kupuje ich rzeczy z tej strony:
      Oto ich odpowiedz:

      Thank you for your message! Issues of health and environment are indeed
      very important to us, since we produce clothes for babies and small
      children whose health we all want to cherish.

      We produce our garments in Far East; China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia. Our
      products comply with the requirements coming from EU/REACH. Because
      chemicals are essential part of textiles, we are obligated to see about
      following the chemical legislation. Our outerwear is tested carefully
      already in the material selection phase. We have our own quality control
      department and testing labs, and we also make tests in independent
      laboratories. We make sure no banned substances are used, and also control
      that the limit values of all potentially harmful substances are not
      exceeded. Also EU customs control the limit values very diligently.

      Norwegian Gronn Hverdag tested our overalls for chemicals last year, and we
      received top grades – were cleanest in the test! Please see

      Also the residues of nonylphenol in our overalls are almost non-existent,
      please see

      If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
    • wiwi1 Kozi Kidz 29.11.11, 20:12
      Kolejny producent odziezy zimowej.
      Oto ich odpowiedz:

      many thanks for your enquiry.

      I can confirm that we do not use any potentially harmful chemicals in our clothing everything is made to European/Swedish standards. The dyes are also colourfast and safe.

      We manufacture in China and design in Sweden.

      Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions
      • piksi.dixi Re: Kozi Kidz 29.11.11, 21:05
        hej wiwi,
        najpierw sie zaciekawilam, pozniej spanikowlalam i sie zdolowalam troche,

        ale wyszlo, ze tu chodzi o nowe produkty, prosto ze sklepu.
        formaldehyd rozpuszcza sie w wodzie, wiec ryzyko reakcji alergicznej maleje im wiecej
        te rzeczy pierzemy.

        znalazlam tez taki sposob:

        Recipe to Remove Formaldehyde & Chemicals from Clothing:

        1) Dissolve 1 cup powdered milk in washing machine water with items. Agitate one minute, turn machine off and soak 2 to 4 hours ONLY (milk sours if left longer). Rinse out well and spin.

        2) Refill washer with 1/2 to 1 cup of AFM Super Clean soap (or whatever is tolerated). Agitate one minute, turn machine off and soak overnight. Rinse well and spin.

        3) Wash laundry with 1 cup baking soda and 1 cup vinegar (if tolerated) through entire cycle. Rinse and spin.

        4) If residue from step 3 is a problem, go through step 2 again.

        moze ktos wyprobuje?
        • wiwi1 Re: Kozi Kidz 29.11.11, 21:17
          O, dzieki o tym nie wiedzialam:) a mozesz mi napisac z jakiej strony te przepisy?
          Tak wiedzialam, ze zapomnialam czegos napisac o formaldehydzie:) Owszem, spiera sie w trakcie prania pod warunkiem, ze nie jest permament press wtedy nie wypierze sie z ubrania. Permament press sie wykorzystuje, zeby ubrania sie nie miely lub odwotnie jesli sie kupuje takie fabrycznie pomiete to permament press utrzymuje ta pomieta fakture.
          Wtsylajac moje maile do tych firm pytaja czy stosuja prmament press. Na razie nikt mi nie odpowiedzial na to pytanie.
          • piksi.dixi Re: Kozi Kidz 29.11.11, 21:30
            z tej oto stronki:
            przejrzalam rowniez kilka innych stron i ogolnia mysl byla taka:
            najwiecej f. jest w rzeczach permanent press i non-iron, tak jak mowisz.
            nalezy prac przed zalozeniem,
            i wrocic do dawnych metod - uzywac zelazka :-)

            no i pocieszylam sie, ze nie musze spalic wszysktich ciuchow made in china.
            • kobylczusia Re: Kozi Kidz 29.11.11, 21:37
              a ciekawe to wszystko
              • wiwi1 M & S 07.12.11, 18:04
                W koncu dostalam odpowiedz z Marks and Spencer:
                Thank you for your patience while I got the information you wanted from our

                Marks and Spencer have their own Environmental Code and Practice to make
                sure that all Garments produced in M&S approved factories do not
                contain any of the restricted chemicals and dyes in EU including all those
                mentioned below (pytalam o formaldehyd i nonylphenol).

                Also we have stringent quality procedure to ensure all dyes used are colour
                fast and durable. I hope this information is helpful to you.
                • wiwi1 Mothercare 22.12.11, 19:49
                  A to odpowiedz z mothercare:
                  All our clothing meets relevant EU legislation with regards to the
                  We do not use permanent press.
                  As a rule dyes used are colourfast. There are exceptions on some products
                  for example denim.

                  I hope this is of help to you.
                  • wiwi1 Re: Mothercare 23.12.11, 18:06
                    Odpowiedz z Adams Kids:

                    We do not use formaldehyde in any of our clothes and we would only
                    permanent press a garment where the design required it such as a pleated
                    skirt. All our dyes are colour fast


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