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Taiwan NCKU Academy of Innovative of Semiconductor

27.12.22, 09:51
Hello, every fellow forum users
The fully funded Taiwan Semiconductor Scholarship set for students from Slovakia, Lithuania, Poland, and the Czech Republic has been confirmed available for the upcoming 2023 admission to study semiconductors at NCKU, and other prestigious Taiwanese universities that are known for semiconductors education.

Fields available at NCKU
• Integrated Circuit Design (AISSM)
• Semiconductor Process Technology (AISSM)
• Semiconductor Packaging and Testing (AISSM)
• Key Materials (AISSM)
• Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing (AISSM)
• Electrical Engineering (EECS)
• Materials Science and Engineering (Engineering)
• Photonics (Science)
• Chemical Engineering (Engineering)
• Microelectronics (EECS)
• Physics (Science)
• Mechanical Engineering (Engineering)
• Manufacturing Information and Systems (EECS)
Scholarship Benefits
• Full tuition fees reimbursements
• A monthly stipend of TWD 25,000 (~800 EURO) for master’s students for up to 2 years and TWD 40,000 (~1300 EURO) for PhD students for up to 4 years
• Round-trip flights to and from Taiwan

More information about the scholarships and programs available at NCKU can be viewed on the following web pages.
Taiwan Semiconductor Scholarship for studying at NCKU (2023 fall admission)
About Taiwan Semiconductor Scholarship
About Study Semiconductors@NCKU AISSM

NCKU 2023 Admission
Application: Jan 16th-Mar 15th, 2023
Admissions and scholarships decision release: April 15th, 2023
Application webpage:

If useful for your friends and schoolmates, please feel free to pass this scholarship information around. Make good news travel even faster.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the programs of the NCKU AISSM. Thank you.
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