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Band Effort Attainmet

07.12.05, 19:58
W raporcie ze szkoly angielskiej, dotyczacej wynikow w nauce dziecka przeczytalem cos takiego:
Subject: Geography
Teacher: A. Bloom
Band: 3/3
Effort: 1
Atteinment: 2
Subject: Design Technology
Teacher: W. Costam
Band: MA
Effort: 1
Atteinment: 3

Nie mam pojecia co znaczy Band, Effort i Atteinment.
Prosze o wyjasnienie.
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    • kylie1 Re: Band Effort Attainmet 08.12.05, 04:42
      Here is a website for you that might explain a few things. Looks to me like
      it's some sort of assessment of academic performance. It explains what 3/3 is
      and other things. "Effort" is just how hard you've been trying to apply
      yourself to your study. "Attainmnet" - is basically how much you've been able
      to achieve (1 High; 2 Medium; 3 Low), etc. Just have a look at all this and I
      think it should clear some things up for you.

        • kylie1 Re: kylie 08.12.05, 21:24
          Sorry about that. I copied that darn address and then forgot to paste it. I
          will have to look for it later. With any luck I hope I will find it.
          • kylie1 Re: kylie 08.12.05, 23:41

            I don't have the time to figure it all out but if you read it carefully you
            might find it a little helpful.


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