01.08.03, 08:28
Believe it or not. Buzz LightYear's claimed his existence. The star of the
Toy Story flew over the English Channel this morning. He faced challenging
conditions, but Buzz LightYear said "There was a very good flow of air all
the way down".
Buzz experienced rough landing.
Congratulations Buzz. It's me, Woody and the rest.
Now we're waiting for Wazowsky ( Monsters Inc ) to break the world record in
baloon travelling.
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    • Gość: brookie Re: Buzz... IP: *.tnt3.per1.da.uu.net 02.08.03, 14:12
      EEEEchhh Glory!, Polish Poles have no idea what the good morning news is all
      about. We can have some bacon & eggs and God knows what else for breakfast
      watching the fake human Buzz on TV. They think it's been made up, but it
      Listen up! Human creature's shown something out of this planet!
      But you're stuck in your books with your glasses half the size of your face.
      Shame on you!

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