27.05.08, 17:30
I have to write essay:
Discuss the teories of four well known psychologists.

Do you have any suggests and advices??

Thanks for all sugestions
Obserwuj wątek
    • jonathan.oakley Re: Essay 27.05.08, 23:48
      How about Skinner/Freud/Piaget/Bandura...or...a less obvious

      Maslow - look at his hierachy theory
      Erikson - personality stages
      Kohlberg - stages of moral development
      Stevens - power law

      Have fun!!
      • szajnerka Re: Essay 28.05.08, 11:21
        Thanks for yoy advice . I have to concentrate for: Bandura, Piaget,
        Bowlby and Maslow.
        Do you have any suggest?? What will be most importent??
        • jacinda Re: Essay 28.05.08, 13:31
          Oh, for f%^$£$'s sake, Szajnerka - do you go to school or not?!?!
          • szajnerka Re: Essay 28.05.08, 14:40
            I'm so sorry for some mistaks.

            Jacinda , what do you want from me?????
            • Gość: ania Re: Essay IP: 78.145.38.* 28.05.08, 21:21
              he meant you should use your brain not the forum to write an essay
              or shold we write it for you? is that what u r asking us 4?
              • jacinda Re: Essay 28.05.08, 21:58
        • jonathan.oakley Re: Essay 28.05.08, 21:09
          As they say in Star Wars...Use The Force...!!
        • jonathan.oakley Re: Essay 28.05.08, 21:11
          Why have you chosen Bandura, Piaget,
          Bowlby and Maslow?
          • szajnerka Re: Essay 28.05.08, 21:57
            I havn't chosen their myself. They are in the topic of my essay.

            Ania,I don't ask for writing this essay, only for some suggest. If
            you don't want help me , it is ok, but don't comment , please.
            • jonathan.oakley Re: Essay 28.05.08, 22:44
              Of course you can discuss this on the forum!! Psychology is a
              fascinating subject. You could start by giving an overview and then
              comparison of the views of Bandura/Piaget/Bowlby/Maslow. Perhaps
              there is a friendly psychlogist on the forum who can give some input
              whilst you're doing your research?
              • szajnerka Re: Essay 29.05.08, 10:10
                Thank you so much for helping me :-)
    • hayazahra Re: Essay 07.07.23, 09:46
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