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cold turkey

IP: * 21.07.08, 21:21
Hallo Jonathan,

at last time I back from holiday at turkey. There I had of course lot of fun
including alcohol. Back to work, back to SSDD (you know, same different
Naturally i talk ab. my journey, my trips etc. And about drinking with get drunk.
Probably just I have not problem with alcohol (yet!), but I heard then
after-drunk-people, which have an ex. shaking hand, are ill etc are call "cold
turkey"(i know, is drugs)
And my question is:
How is to use it? "i have CT (cold turkey)", "i look CT", "i feel CT" , maybe
"i feel like CT", "I get CT". I ask lot of people how to use "CT", but i
havent got any good (to understand by me) answer

and second one: maybe is any other word/sentence describing after-drunk "state" ?

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    • jonathan.oakley Re: cold turkey 21.07.08, 23:49
      Turkey is fantastic! I was in Istanbul in Jan. Effes beer...Memhet
      Offendi coffee.. best place to get your coffee cup read is at the
      Mona Lisa coffee house near Taxsim.

      Cold turkey - aside from drugs - can also be used if, for eg, you
      are laying off beer or fat food as in: Im doing cold turkey... no
      beer for 2 weeks!

      'After drunk' you mean a 'hangover' whereby you feel might be
      feeling slightly nauseous...headache..etc? For eg: I drank 10 beers
      last night and have a cracking hangover...
      • Gość: grzegorz Re: cold turkey IP: * 29.07.08, 08:51
        cool, thanks a lot.
        Last year I was to Bodrum, this year I was to Fethiye. Two absolutely different
        (with culture, surroundings, architecture) places and I think same - Turkey is
        Efes... I seen this beer in bottle in few shops in UK. If you really like it,
        probably you can find in tesco (there is lot of world beers)

        Yes, with "after drunk" I mean like you guess.
        And here I have next question:
        to get drunk - mean "be a strange hold over alcohol" (and after than when
        alcohol is stoped i am cold turkey)?
        In this - if is (in grammar) construction "to get <something>" how to understand
        that with present/past participle tense? "I get drink" is a bit different with "
        I get drunk".
        Am I correct with use this construction to other verbs?

        PS. grrrrrr, I will never know correct English. Yes, i know - read, watching,
        listen to... and ask an Englishman :)
        • jonathan.oakley Re: cold turkey 29.07.08, 21:46
          Yes, Turkey is also a very popular destination for Brits as its
          outside the Euro Zone and offers value for money.

          'I get drunk...' and then you need to complete the sentence
          construction in one of the tenses so the sentence has a meaning. For
          eg, 'I get drunk easily,' or 'I get drunk if I drink too much beer.'
          Notice that 'drunk' in this case is a noun. Or 'I drink to get
          drunk' (which is what most Brits like to do). Getting drunk now and
          again just means losing sight of your horizons for a while (!)
          whereas getting drunk on a regular basis means alcohol abuse.

          'I get drink' or do you mean, 'I am going to get a drink' or 'I like
          a drink'...:-)

          • Gość: logo Re: cold turkey IP: * 31.07.08, 23:57
            eg, 'I get drunk easily,' or 'I get drunk if I drink too much beer.'
            Notice that 'drunk' in this case is a noun.

            About that: erm... sorry to correct you, mate, but "drunk" is a past participle
            (which often functions as an adjectives), here used in a passive form "get
            drunk" - we use these forms in Polish too, though not in this context, so I'm
            pretty sure a noun it is not!

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