05.09.20, 18:16
Czy ktoś sam przygotowywał się do FCE?
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    • joetherock Re: FCE 16.09.20, 19:58

      Tak Mozna.
      Oto najlepszy podrecznik do tego:

      Leo Jones
      Cambridge University Press, 19 Sep 1996 - Foreign Language Study - 209 pages
      0 Reviews
      New Progress to First Certificate is the successor to the proven and popular Progress to First Certificate. This new edition has been thoroughly updated to conform to the specifications of the revised FCE exam. It has also been completely redesigned in full colour.New features of New Progress to First Certificate include:•twenty 8-page units, covering all of the topics specified in the revised exam syllabus•a Grammar Reference appendix at the back of the book, with explanations and examples of the main areas of difficulty for students at this level•regular Exam Techniques sections which grow in prominence through the book as students progress towards the exam•Study Tips offering advice on ways to improve learning techniques

      Good Luck

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