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wysilek fizyczny szkodzi pacjentom z fibro

18.09.07, 02:59
Japonska praca sugeruje, ze wysilek fizyczny pogarsza stan chorych z zespolem
przewleklego zmeczenia i fibromialgia. Sugestia lekarzy i przyjaciol typu 'wez
sie w garsc i poruszaj sie' jest wiec kula w plot.

Study Shows Exercise May Not Be What the Doctor Ordered for Your Fatigued Friend
Lourdes Salvador

September 7, 2007

Most people with chronic illnesses, such as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS),
fibromyalgia (FM), and multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), have been
offered well meaning advice, such as joining a club, getting some exercise,
and getting out more. These infuriating, but well meaning, suggestions often
leave the chronically ill individual feeling misunderstood. After all, would
it be appropriate to tell an paraplegic to have fun by going dancing? Of
course not!

Well meaning friends often believe that chronic illness is psychological and
victims just need to get out and have fun. Or, they may believe that the
victim would not be tired if they got in shape. Or worse, they think the
illness is affecting the chronically ill person at a psychological level and
believe that to be the reason why the ill person does want to go out more
often. In reality, those with chronic illness are quite adept at pacing
themselves to avoid exhaustion. What friends fail to realize is that exertion
is exertion, regardless of work or play. Now science has stepped in to provide
evidence of this.

Researchers in Japan noted that patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
report substantial symptom worsening after exercise and took an interest in
the specific time course of the worsening. They investigated the influence of
exercise on the subjective symptoms and cognitive function of 9 female CFS
patients and compared them with 9 healthy women. An exercise test was
conducted and monitoring of vital signs, cognitive function, and psychological
status was performed from one week prior to exercise until two weeks after

Physical symptoms in the CFS patients did get worse on the fifth day. However
cognitive and psychological status remained constant. There was no cognitive
or psychological benefit to the exercise, yet patients became more fatigued
and suffered physical decline.

Regardless of pleasure or pain, exertion is exertion. Pleasurable exertion
holds the same fatiguing capability for the chronically ill as unpleasurable
exertion. And there are no psychological benefits to boot. The next time we
recommend to a CFS patient to get out more, have fun, and exercise, it might
be best to think twice and opt for a quite home movie that won’t make the
person sicker and more discouraged instead.


Yoshiuchi K, Cook DB, Ohashi K, Kumano H, Kuboki T, Yamamoto Y, Natelson BH. A
real-time assessment of the effect of exercise in chronic fatigue syndrome.
Physiol Behav. 2007 Jul 24.

About the Author

Lourdes Salvador is a writer and social advocate based in Hawaii. She is a
passionate advocate for the homeless, having worked with her local governor to
open new shelters and provide services to the homeless in a new approach to
end homelessness. That passion soon turned to advocacy and activism for
victims of multiple chemical sensitivity. Since 2006, she has been the
president of MCS America and a featured monthly writer for MCS America News.
She co-founded MCS Awareness in 2005. She also serves as Partner,
Environmental Education Week and Partner, Collaborative on Health and the
Environment (CHE). For more information about Lourdes and her advocacy work,
please visit:,, and

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        • ewax100 Re: wysilek fizyczny szkodzi pacjentom z fibro 30.10.07, 15:37
          Nie jestes raczej odosobnionym przypadkiem bo ja mam
          podobnie -rano jest najgorzej-ta sztywność jest
          Dziwne bo od zawsze słyszłam że ruch jest wskazany -
          tyle że jak sie bardzo cierpi,wszystko boli to nie ma
          sie ochoty na ćwiczenia,jakikolwiek ruch.Tego że ruch
          szkodzi nie słysząłam wręcz odwrotnie-no ale cóż?
          wszystko pewnie jest możliwe.
            • myalgan Re: wysilek fizyczny szkodzi pacjentom z fibro 31.10.07, 16:49
              ezuza1 napisała:

              > proszę ,może ktoś przetłumaczyć lub streścić ten artykuł ?Może
              dowiemy się co
              > ś
              > więcej i dlaczego ruch szkodzi?
              a czy my mamy tyle sily zeby sie ruszac wiecej niz nam organizm i
              cialko pozwala
              nie ma sie co wysilac
              i tak dajemy sobie swietnie rade
              a cos robic trzeba

              mamy jesień...
              • artur737 Re: wysilek fizyczny szkodzi pacjentom z fibro 08.11.07, 06:31
                Artykul mowi, ze pacjenci z fibro jak zaczynaja sie ruszac to stopniowo w ciagu
                kilku dni zaczynaja im sie nasilac objawy fizyczne.
                Takze nie maja z wysilku korzysci psychologicznej, ktora zwykle odczuwaja po
                wysilku ludzie zdrowi.

                Artykul nic nie mowi o dlugoterminowych efektach wiec jest to dalej niewiadoma.

                W boreliozie ludzie zdrowieja lepiej jak sie troche ruszaja. Ale nic
                drastycznego wiec nie biegi i nie aerobik. Cos spokojnego np spacer i
                podnoszenie ciezarkow (ale nie za ciezkich), cwiczenia na maszynach, joga.
                Mój email to
                • artur737 Re: wysilek fizyczny szkodzi pacjentom z fibro 14.11.07, 16:17
                  A tu inna praca sugeruje, ze spacery i cwiczenia rozciagajace sa jednak
                  korzystne u pacjentow z fibro. Obserwowano chorych przez 4 miesiace i po tym
                  okresie ich zbadano. Czyli to opisane poprzednio szkodzenie wysilku u pacjentow
                  z fibro pojawilo sie pewnie tylko na krotko a dlugoterminowo wysilek fizyczny
                  jest korzystny.

                  Exercise found to ease chronic pain of fibromyalgia

                  Last Updated: 2007-11-13 9:00:49 -0400 (Reuters Health)

                  CHICAGO (Reuters) - Regular walks and stretching exercises can help ease the
                  chronic, depressing pain of fibromyalgia, a mysterious ailment with no obvious
                  cure, researchers said on Monday.

                  Striking more than 3 percent of U.S. women and 0.5 percent of men, the illness'
                  primary symptoms are debilitating pain throughout the body -- often with
                  sensitivity and stiffness focused in the joints. Other symptoms include sleep
                  problems, fatigue and depression.

                  No single test can diagnose fibromyalgia, and sometimes patients are treated
                  with behavioral therapy.

                  Pregablin, a drug that calms nerve cells, gained U.S. regulatory approval in
                  June to treat the pain from fibromyalgia. It is sold as Lyrica by Pfizer Inc.

                  In a study of 207 women aged 18 to 75 diagnosed with fibromyalgia, researchers
                  assigned one group to a twice-weekly aerobic and stretching program for 16
                  weeks. Another group added mild strength training, a third group attended a
                  two-hour education course every two weeks, and a fourth combined all the
                  approaches. The 135 women who completed the courses were re-evaluated six months

                  "An appropriately structured exercise program that involves progressive walking
                  and flexibility movements with or without strength training improves physical,
                  emotional and social function," concluded study author Daniel Rooks of Brigham &
                  Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston.

                  Assessing their own well-being, the participants scored better in such
                  categories as pain reduction, physical functioning and vitality after completing
                  the courses. Those who both exercised and took the education course improved the

                  "The beneficial effect on physical function of exercise alone and in combination
                  with education persisted at six months," Rooks said in the report published in
                  the Archives of Internal Medicine.

                  Such findings should encourage people with aches and pains to exercise more, as
                  they tend to be "even less active than the relatively sedentary general public,"
                  the report said.
                  • jagoda85 Re: wysilek fizyczny szkodzi pacjentom z fibro 14.11.07, 20:33
                    Ćwiczenia rozciągające, gimnastyka izometryczna, spacery napewno są
                    wskazane. Jak również wysiłek fizyczny, ale umiarkowany, odpowiednio
                    rozłożony w czasie. Natomiast zbyt intensywny wysiłek fizyczny w
                    krótkim okresie czasu jest szkodliwy. Sama doszłam do takich
                    wniosków już dość dawno, obserwując różne reakcje swojego organizmu.
                    • mek40 Re: wysilek fizyczny szkodzi pacjentom z fibro 18.11.07, 18:07
                      cześć ja choruje od 10lat i zgadzam się z ewax że to wszystko zależy od
                      przypadku ja czuje się rano sztywna ale gorzej czuje się wieczorami męczą mnie
                      podstawowe obowiązki w domu czy zakupy siedzenie też czasami odczuwam okropny
                      wstyd że mam dopiero 41 lat
                      • myalgan do mek40 19.11.07, 03:31
                        moze wejdziesz na nasze forum i opiszesz historie swojej choroby

                        no co do tego wstydu to nic a nic cie nie rozumie
                        ja mam dopiero 40
                        biedronka dopiero 30 a jest tu tez dziewczyna w tym roku chyba
                        osiemnastka dopiero
                        wiek moja droga nie ma nic wspolnego z naszymi dolegliwosciami
                        jest nas tu kila osob ktore zrezygnowaly z wielu rzeczy ktore kochaly
                        poprostu na razie powtarzam na razie nie dajemy rady
                        wiec widzisz nie jestes sama jest tu nas tylko kilka dziewczyn ale
                        przypuszczam ze jest o wiele wiecej ale tak jak ty tylko czytaja
                        a powinny tu wpasc i zaczac z nami kumplowanie bo my fajne babki
                        mamy jesień...
                        po nowym roku bede juz zdrowa...

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